Tangled Web UK Review November 2007
File Updated: 16/11/2007

One for Sorrow by Reed M & Mayer E
pbk out November 07 (Poisoned Pen Press) at 9.95

The historical detective series featuring that unlikely sleuth John the Eunuch has earned much acclaim in the United States, and now the first novel about John has been published in the UK. Naturally, the story is loaded with (rather interesting) detail about life sixth-century Byzantium a detailed glossary is provided - but perhaps less expected is the appealing nature of the central character. John suffered the unkindest cut of all after being kidnapped and enslaved while on his way to buy silk for his lover Cornelia, but has now achieved a position of importance, as Lord Chamberlain to Emperor Justinian. Yet while Justinian is a Christian, John observes the rites of the bull god Mithra. A chance encounter with a female bull-leaper reunites him with Cornelia, but the murder of his friend Leukos, Justinian's Keeper of the Plate, is swiftly followed by the killing of a young prostitute, and John becomes determined to solve the mystery of the deaths. The twists and turns of the plot are skilfully constructed, and the writing is highly readable. Fans of Lindsay Davis and Stephen Saylor in particular are in for a treat when they discover the work of this talented husband and wife team.

( Martin Edwards - author of the highly acclaimed Harry Devlin Mysteries)
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