'Símenon created one of the great moral detectives... a master of the slow unfolding of the criminal mind.'
John Mortimer

' A writer who, more than any other crime novelist, combined a high literary reputation with popular appeal.'
P.D. James

' A truly wonderful writer...marvellously readable -lucid, simple, absolutely in tune with the world he creates.'
Muriel Spark

Penguin is proud to welcome one of the great geniuses of the psychological crime genre to the Modem Classics list. Georges Simenon was the most successful author in the world in the 1960s. His books have been translated into more that 20 languages, with over 40 filmed for television and cinema. These new editions are being published to coincide with the centenary year of Georges Simenon's birth. With a startling understanding of the criminal mind and a strong belief in moral justice, Inspector Maigret is one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time.

Yet Simenon himself is as famous as the character he created. A great self-publicist, he surrounded his life in myths. He was renowned for his prodigious sexual appetite, but did he really make love to 10,000 women? He wrote more than 200 books under his own name and a further 200 under a series of pseudonyms - each one completed in under seven days, often on the back of envelopes. To celebrate the life of Simenon in his centenary year, The Man Who Wasn't Maigret, Patrick Mamham's highly acclaimed biography, is being specially reissued to tie-in with publication.

The Summer of Simenon will include a dedicated Simenon month of Maigret adaptations and film noir at the National Film Theatre in July, and Penguin Modem Classics publishing six classic Maigret mysteries m June, whilst in December Penguin will publish a further six Maigret titles in the Modem Classics series: Maigret and the Ghost, Maigret in Court, The Friend of Madame Maigret, The Hotel Majestic, The Madman of Bergerac, and The Man on The Bench.

Georges Simenon Yellow Dog Pbk published June 2003 by Penguin at £6.99 ISBN: 0141187344

The small French town of Concarneau is a summer resort. In winter it becomes the deserted, rainswept scene for a series of murder attempts that attract the interest of Maigret. While his assistant Leroy uses "science" and "deductions" to trace the murderer, Maigret's instincts unerringly guide him to the real killer past a labyrinth of fascinating characters: a paranoid failed medical doctor turned real-estate shark; a passive, working class waitress whose heart secretly burns a torch of passion; an aristocratic politician who pressures Maigret to "make some arrests"; and a snarling stray dog that knows the murderer's real identity.

Georges Simenon My Friend Maigret Pbk published June 2003 by Penguin at £6.99 ISBN: 0141187328

Maigret is going about his work in rainy Paris, followed around by Inspector Pyke who has come from Scotland Yard to study the famous French detective's methods. Routine is disturbed when Maigret receives a telephone call from the island of Porquerolles off the Mediterranean coast. A small-time crook has been murdered, the night after he had fervently declared his friendship with Maigret in front of a large group of the island's inhabitants. Maigret and Inspector Pyke leave the greyness of Paris for the sunshine of Porquerolles where Simenon creates a wonderfully evocative atmosphere of the square and cafe, the brilliant sea, the humidity in the air and the life and individuality of each of the inhabitants on the small island.

Georges Simenon Lock 14. Pbk published June 2003 by Penguin at £6.99 ISBN: 014118728X

Robert Baldick (Translator)

One rainy night, a canal worker stumbles across the strangled body of Mary Lampson in a stable near Lock 14. The dead woman's husband seems unmoved by her death and is curt and unhelpful when Maigret interviews him aboard his yacht. But gradually Maigret is able to piece together their story - a sordid tale of whisky-fuelled orgies and nomadic life on the canals. Can the answer to this crime be found aboard the yacht? Or is the murderer among the bargees, carters and lock-keepers who work the canal? In Lock 14, Simenon plunges Maigret into the unfamiliar canal world of shabby bars and shadowy towpaths, drawing together the strands of a tragic case of lost identity.

Georges Simenon Inspector Cadaver Pbk published June 2003 by Penguin at £6.99 ISBN: 0141187255

Paul Bailey (Introduction), Helen Thomson (Translator)

Asked to help a friend's brother-in-law who is accused of murdering the lover of his daughter, Maigret arrives in a small French town and finds himself plunged into an atmosphere of animosity. He soon finds himself tangled up in a case that may ruin the very people whom he has come to help. He also has to deal with an old enemy - an ex-police officer nicknamed 'Inspector Cadaver' - who seems to be doing everything in his power to obstruct Maigret's investigations.

Georges Simenon Bar on the Seíne. Pbk published June 2003 by Penguin at £6.99 ISBN: 0141187336

David Watson (Translator) Michael Dibdin (Introduction)

Simenon wrote over 50 novels in the Maigret series, each providing the world-weary, pipe-smoking detective with an interesting murder which he solves with an unusual method of investigation, relying on experience, intuition and ruthlessness. Simenon writes in a terse French, skillfully using few words to describe things seen or felt. He is a matchless writer about France - both the France loved by tourists and its seamy, brutal underside. THE BAR ON THE SEINE is a classic example of his art.

Georges Simenon A Man's Head Pbk published June 2003 by Penguin at £6.99 ISBN: 0141187247

Patrick Marnham (Introduction), Geoffrey Sainsbury (Translator)

Set in the in the atmospheric and squalid streets of Paris, Maigret sets out to prove the innocence of a man condemned to death for a brutal murder. In another one of Maigret's unconventional and audacious plans, he arranges the escape of the condemned man in an attempt to prove his theory. The presumed murderer goes on the run across Paris and its suburbs, dropping misleading clues along the way and leading Maigret into the labyrinthine twists of the mystery. Maigret is in for more than he bargained for, as he encounters rich American expatriates, dangerous foreigners and their hidden motives.

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Penguin Books is also delighted to be the first ever Literary Sponsor of Crime Scene 2003, the National Film Theatre's Festival of crime films and fiction which includes a special focus on Simenon's Inspector Maigret.