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Ruth Rendell
Ruth Rendell
Adam and Eve and Pinch MeAdam and Eve and Pinch Me
Piranha to ScurfyPiranha to Scurfy
Harm DoneHarm Done
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About the Author

Audio Tape Random House Audio (2001)
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`Ghosts in stories are grey, like the people in black and white television or else see-through, but this one had short dark hair and a black leather jacket. Minty didnít have to see its face to know it was her late fiancť, Jock.í
Jock was supposed to have died in the Paddington train crash. Minty had received a letter from the railway company. But, curiously, the police hadnít been in touch. And Jock had gone off with all her savings. There were other women that heíd strung along. But Minty didnít know that.
His ghost reappeared to her at home, at work, in the cinema. He even touched her. Minty started to carry a knife. If he wasnít made of shadows, would he bleed?

Jan Francis has starred in numerous theatre, film and television productions and has also recorded a number of audiobooks. Perhaps best known for appearing in Just Good Friends, Jan Francis is currently working an a new thriller with David Jason.
2 Cassettes Running Time: approx. 3 hrs Abridged by John Lewis Produced by Mike Carrington Wood

Audio Tape - Random House Audio (2000)
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Piranha to Scurfy is Ruth Rendell's seventh collection of short stories. The stories deal with a variety of themes, some macabre, some vengeful, some mysterious, all precisely observed. Together they illustrate what tremendous range Ruth Rendell has as a writer.
Penelope Wilton has performed widely in theatre, television and film and has won a number of prestigious awards. She is perhaps best known as a remarkable stage actress and is a regular player at the National Theatre. Her television credits include Kavanagh QC for CarIton and Talking Heads for the BBC. Penelope Wilton has also starred in a number of films including Carrington, Tomís Midnight Garden and The French Lieutenants Woman
2 Cassettes Running Time: approx. 3 hrs Abridged by John Lewis Produced by Mike Carrington-Wood

Audio Tape Random House Audio (1999)
Harm Done
Shortly after Lizzie Cromwell returns from the dead, another young woman disappears, just as a convicted paedophile is released back into the community. Local residents are up in arms, and even prepared to take the law into their own hands...
Chief Inspector Wexford is not only concerned very personally with the effects of violence and prejudice, but is involved with a new programme to help the victims of domestic violence. His daughter, Sylvia, whose marriage is in difficulties, has also come to work nearby in a refuge for battered women.
After those early disappearances, two far more serious crimes are committed which will affect the lives and attitudes of police and public alike.
Christopher Ravenscroft is best known as Detective Inspector Mike Burden in ITV's The Ruth Rendell Mysteries. His work with the RSC includes Buckingham in Richard III and a notable Mountjoy to the Henry V of Kenneth Branagh.
An abridgement of Harm Done copyright Ruth Rendell 1999
Published by Hutchinson in hardback and arrow in paperback
Produced by Mike Carrington Wood
Abridged by John Lewis
Playing Time: approx 3 hour, two cassettes

About The Author
Ruth Rendell has won many awards, including the Crime Writer's Association Gold Dagger for 1976's best crime novel with A Demon in my View; a second Edgar in 1984 from the Mystery Writers of America for the best short story, The New Girl Friend; a Gold Dagger award for Live Flesh in 1986; and most recently she was the winner of the 1990 Sunday Times Literary award, as well as the Crime Writers' Association Cartier Diamond Dagger for outstanding contribution to the genre. In 1996, she was awarded the CBE.
Her books have been translated into twenty-two languages and are also published to great acclaim in the United States.
Ruth Rendell is married and lives in a sixteenth-century farmhouse in Suffolk.
Ruth Rendell also writes as Barbara Vine


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  • Adam and Eve and Pinch Me (Random House Audio, 2001)
  • Piranha to Scurfy (Random House Audio, 2000)
  • Harm Done (Random House Audio, 1999)

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