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H.R.F. Keating
A Small Case for Inspector Ghote?A Small Case for Inspector Ghote? New25 May 09
Inspector Ghote's First CaseInspector Ghote's First Case
One Man and His BombOne Man and His Bomb
A Detective at Death's Door
A Detective Under FireA Detective Under Fire
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About the Author (Photo (c) Tara Heinemann)

New First British Edition Allison & Busby (2009)
Buy at A Small Case for Inspector Ghote?
In his newest case Inspector Ghote finds himself working outside of the police force, as he becomes involved in tracking the brutal killer of a lowly peon, one of the underclass in Bombay society. Because of his low status, Bikram's death would be ignored but as his severed head landed on Ghote's desk, he feels it's up to him to find out what happened.
'Few if any contemporary writers are as entertaining as the remarkable HRF Keating. May the redoubtable Ghote go on for ever' Len Deighton

First British Edition Allison & Busby (2008)
Buy at Inspector Ghote's First Case
Newly-promoted Inspector Ghote is thrilled to be granted casual leave until he takes up his post, as it allows him to spend time with his heavily pregnant wife, who is desperate to watch a showing of "Hamlet" at the cinema. Their plans are ruined, however, since Sir Rustom Engineer requires Ghote to investigate the suicide of his friend's wife. Worried about his wife's imminent delivery, Ghote nevertheless travels to the home of Mr. Dawkins, where he is unconvinced by the story of Iris Dawkins' death. Especially when he recognises the officer in charge, Darrani, well-known for his close-mindedness. Ghote is determined to investigate further, with a Hamlet-esque awareness of how deceiving appearances can really be...

First British Edition Allison & Busby (2006)
Buy at One Man and His Bomb
In a time of uncertainty about safety, Detective Superintendent Harriet Martens spends her workdays assuring Birchester is as secure as possible. Fears of terrorism and sudden attacks and bombings are in the front of her mind on a daily basis. Especially when she receives a telephone call informing her that her twin sons, both police constables, have been the victims of a terrorist trap, killing one and leaving the other in a coma. An uncannily timely and relevant mystery, "One Man and his Bomb" sees Harriet Martens struggling between her career, her family, and the lines that are drawn by patriotism and duty.
"'Masterly as ever' Times Literary Supplement 'HRF Keating has created in Ganesh Ghote an enchanting and engaging inspector' P.D. James 'Mr Keating has a long-established winner in his sympathetic and lively hero' The Times 'HRF Keating breathes new life into the classic detective story' Reginald Hill"

Buy at A Detective at Death's Door
In her most dangerous case yet, Harriet Martens finds herself the victim of a cunning poisoner. Whilst relaxing with her husband at the Majestic pool one hot August Bank Holiday, Harriet does not expect the refreshing glass of Campari soda at her side to conceal a deadly drug. When she awakes from a doze she is no longer by the water, but in a hospital bed recovering from a near fatal dose of Aconitine. As Harriet makes her slow recovery, she tries to come to terms with the terrible fact that someone wanted to kill her. Even more difficult for her to face is the knowledge that she must find the person responsible, if anything for her own peace of mind. But no sooner has she mustered enough energy to begin making tentative enquiries and initial investigations, than the poisoner strikes again. And this time he is successful...

First British Edition Macmillan (2002)
Buy at A Detective Under Fire
Tapes Reveal Tip of Iceberg?’ Sunday Herald
Harriet Martens, named `the Hard Detective’ by the media because of her unrelenting opposition to every sort of evil-doing, has been secretly summoned to London to investigate corruption in the country’s most prestigious crime-fighting team, the elite Maximum Crimes Squad. And she suddenly finds herself under fire.
Not only is she opposed at every turn by the head of the Squad, the popular, macho cop known as the Boxer, but she is menaced by mysterious figures from its current target, the worldwide Colombian network making even more money from people smuggling than from drugs smuggling. Then, as she begins to get nearer to finding out who at the top of the Squad is in the enemy’s pay, she comes under fire from yet another elite - the press.
The Inspector of Constabulary who has brought Harriet down to London believes that she is enough of an elite figure herself to withstand all the fire. But is she?

About The Author
H.R.F.Keating is one of Britain's most highly acclaimed crime novelists, born on the 31st Oct 1926. He is the creator of Inspector Ghote, of the Bombay C.I.D., hero of 21 crime novels, and is the author of eleven other crime novels, four mainstream novels, and of "Writing Crime Fiction" (A&C Black,1994), "Sherlock Holmes, the Man and His World" (Hudson 1979), and "Crime and Mystery: the 100 Best Books" (1987) together with numerous short stories. He was awarded the American George N. Dove Award in 1995. "The Perfect Murder" (1964 - made into a film by Merchant Ivory), the first book about Inspector Ghote, and "The Murder of the Maharajah" (1980) were both awarded the Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger, and in 1996 he was the recipient of the Cartier Diamond Dagger for a lifetime's achievement. He was the Chairman of the Crime Writers Association from 1970-1971 and in 1985 was elected President of the Detection Club in succession to G.K. Chesterton, Dorothy L. Sayers, Agatha Christie and Julian Symons (stepped down 2001). He is an Edgar Allan Poe special award winner. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and is at present serving on its Council. Harry Keating is married to the actress and audio books reader Sheila Mitchell and also writes as Evelyn Hervey.
Latest News/Work in Progress:
  • He recently had a story The Fatal Step, featuring Miss Unwin, the governess-sleuth he has written of as Evelyn Hervey, in the second Ellis Peters Memorial Anthology.
  • Latest book: A Detective in Love, a successor to The Hard Detective, (2001)
  • In preparation: The Dozy Northern Tart (also featuring Harriet Martens, the ‘Hard Detective’)
  • George N. Dove Award Received (U.S. plaque for the Serious Study of Mystery Fiction)

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    N.B. dates and publishers in dark red indicate British First Editions. Dates and publishers in black indicate recent reprints.

  • A Small Case for Inspector Ghote? (Allison & Busby, 2009) New May 09 (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Inspector Ghote's First Case (Allison & Busby, 2008) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Rules, Regs and Rotten Eggs (Allison & Busby, 2007)
  • One Man and His Bomb (Allison & Busby, 2006) (Harriet Martens)
  • A Detective at Death's Door (St Martin's Press (NY), 2004) (Harriet Martens)
  • The Dreaming Detective (Macmillan, 2003) (Harriet Martens)
  • A Detective Under Fire (Macmillan, 2002) (Harriet Martens)
  • A Detective in Love (Macmillan, 2001) Pan Pbk Nov 02 (Harriet Martens)
  • Breaking and Entering (Macmillan, 2000) The last Ghote story Pan Pbk Nov 01 (Ganesh Ghote)
  • The Hard Detective (Macmillan, 2000) Pan Pbk Nov 00 (Harriet Martens)
  • Bribery, Corruption Also (Macmillan, 1999) Pan Pbk Jan 00 (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Jack the Lady Killer (Flambard Press Pbk, 1999)
  • The Soft Detective (Macmillan, 1997) Pan Pbk Jan 99 (Phil Benholme)
  • In Kensington Gardens once… Short Stories (Flambard Press Pbk, 1997)
  • Asking Questions (Macmillan, 1996) Pan Pbk 1997 (Ganesh Ghote)
  • The Bad Detective (Macmillan, 1996)
  • The Inspector Ghote Mysteries (Pan, 1996) Pan Pbk 1996 (Ganesh Ghote)
  • The Good Detective (Macmillan, 1995) (Ned French)
  • Doing Wrong (Macmillan, 1994) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • The Rich Detective (Macmillan, 1993)
  • Cheating Death (Hutchinson, 1992) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • The Iciest Sin (Century Hutchinson, 1990) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Inspector Ghote, His Life and Crimes Short Stories (Century Hutchinson, 1989) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Dead on Time (Hutchinson, 1988) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • The Body in the Billiard Room (Century Hutchinson, 1987) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Under a Monsoon Cloud (Century Hutchinson, 1986) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Mrs Craggs: Crimes Cleaned Up Short Stories (Buchan & Enright, 1985)
  • The Sheriff of Bombay (Collins Crime Club, 1984) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Go West, Inspector Ghote (Collins Crime Club, 1981) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • The Murder of the Maharajah (Collins Crime Club, 1980) Winner of the Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger Award (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Inspector Ghote Draws a Line (Collins Crime Club, 1979) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Filmi, Filmi, Inspector Ghote (Collins Crime Club, 1976) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • A Remarkable Case of Burglary (Collins Crime Club, 1975)
  • Bats Fly Up for Inspector Ghote (Collins Crime Club, 1974) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Inspector Ghote Trusts the Heart (Collins Crime Club, 1972) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Inspector Ghote Goes by Train (Collins Crime Club, 1971) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Inspector Ghote Breaks an Egg (Collins Crime Club, 1970) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Inspector Ghote Plays a Joker (Collins Crime Club, 1969) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Inspector Ghote Hunts the Peacock (Collins Crime Club, 1968) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Inspector Ghote Caught in Meshes (Collins Crime Club, 1967) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Inspector Ghote's Good Crusade (Collins Crime Club, 1966) (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Is Skin-Deep, Is Fatal (Collins Crime Club, 1965)
  • The Perfect Murder (Collins Crime Club, 1964) The first Inspector Ghote novel & Winner of the Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger Award Pbk 1998 (Ganesh Ghote)
  • Death of a Fat God (Collins Crime Club, 1963)
  • The Dog It Was That Died (Gollancz, 1962)
  • A Rush on the Ultimate (Gollancz, 1961)
  • Zen There Was Murder (Gollancz, 1960)
  • Death and the Visiting Firemen (Gollancz, 1959)

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