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Adam Nichols
The CurerThe Curer Newpbk 08 Feb 01
The SongsterThe Songster
The PaladinThe Paladin
The Pathless WayThe Pathless Way
The War of the Lords VeilThe War of the Lords Veil
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About the Author

Paperback - Gollancz Millenium (2001)
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Young Pawli has the true gift; he is certain sure of it. But his Uncle Brynmaur will not listen. For all that Brynmaur is a Curer and a man of knowledge, he refuses to share his knowing, preferring instead to spend his days smoking starweed, prey to visions. And then Khurdis Blackeye, the self?proclaimed sorcerer of the Dark Tower, tries to bring all of the Three Valleys under his yoke, and conjures something dreadful into the world.
Pawli and Brynmaur find themselves facing this threat alone, until the advent of Roe, a young wanderer who turns out to be more than anyone thinks. Through fantastical worlds they must travel, and face uncanny foes in their own mountain forests, to confront an enemy both ancient and terrible.
But in the strange battle they must fight, the hardest thing of all to face is . . . themselves.
The Curer is the final volume of The Whiteblade Saga, the chronicles of Elinor Whiteblade and the shining sword that is both her treasure and her bane.

"Adam Nichols is the best of the new British fantasy writers" Locus
Paperback - Gollancz Millenium (2000)
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Book Two of the Whiteblade Saga
Forced out of the only home he has known with nothing but the clothes on his back, Ziftkin is alone in the wild mountains when he is assailed by a strange apparition. When he wakes, confused, on the point of starvation, he is clutching a bone flute that makes the most beautiful music. A gift from the Fey, the flute opens up a world of new horizons, a world of talking animals, a world in which for the first time Ziftkin is listened to, a world in which he has to face up to the potential of his gift for harm as well as good.
Ziftkin's rise to power culminates in a tumultuous battle of magics as the vengeful leader of the Brotherhood sets him against the notorious Elinor Whiteblade, rebel leader and reputed sorceress.
Only one of them will prevail...

'Adam Nichols is the best of the new British fantasy authors of the nineties' Locus
British Pbk Original - Gollancz Millenium (1998)
The Paladin
This is the first publication of a brand new fantasy sequence set in a magical world rooted in the mythologv of Iceland and Scandinavia.
Elinor is desperate to escape the confines of home and hearth, desperate enough to seek help from any source to win the hand of the fiery red-haired pirate she loves. Barefoot and cold, she travels in search of great magic. After a weird encounter with the wise woman, Kieran, and her familiar - a raven with the knowing eyes of a human - Elinor has in her possession a precious phial that should see all her dreams come true. But first, she must die ...
The Paladin is the first volume in an epic new fantasy that sees Elinor become the wielder of the White Tooth of the Great Shining Dragon - the sword that makes her a legend: Elinor Whiteblade, paladin.

'Millennium is pushing Nichols as the next David Gemmell, and not without reason ... inventive and descriptive powers are both of a high order' INTERZONE
Paperback - Gollancz Millenium (1998)
The Pathless Way
In a land of dark forests and strange magic a hero is born…
The Pathless Way is a mysterious calling that few hear and fewer still understand. But those who adhere to the teachings of the Closter can make black white and solid ground behave like running water.
Lone survivor of the Sea Wolves' attack on Reeve Vale Reeve Guthrie Garthson becomes crazed with grief. But as Peeve Vale's heir apparent Guthrie is its only hope. As he wanders the woods with the Closterer Abbod's head in his arms this hope seems misplaced, but there is a lot a follower of the Pathless Way might do to gain revenge.

Paperback - Gollancz Millenium (1998)
The War of the Lords Veil
A demonic army sweeps through the land with fire and blade, brutally overrunning all before them. Yet despite the sorcery that renders these terrible invaders all but invincible, a mismatched band of rebels is on the rise.
A young man named Tai, wielder of powers he does not understand - held in the dungeons of Miradore Keep, escapes the attentions of the sorcerer Tancred, breaking free with the aid of two bizarre creatures of the sorcerer's making. Crane, Dreamwalker and witch-woman, dreads the arrival of the change-bringer her dreams foretell. Jonaquil, a Healer, confronts horrors mental and physical as she is imprisoned alongside the maimed and the grief-stricken. And Egil Bloodaxe arms himself with a righteous anger that outgrows his control…

'Millennium is pushing Nichols as the next David Gemmell, and not without reason ... inventive and descriptive powers are both of a high order' INTERZONE
About The Author
Adam Nichols is a wanderer. He has lived and worked in the UK, Canada, China, Australia, Germany, the USA, Norway and Iceland. In recent years much of his time has been spent in the North European countries whose classic landscapes so characterise large areas of modern fantasy. He is currently living and working in Canada.


N.B. dates and publishers in dark red indicate British First Editions. Dates and publishers in black indicate recent reprints.

  • The Curer (Gollancz, 2001) Gollancz Millenium Pbk Feb 01
  • The Songster (Gollancz Millenium, 1999) Gollancz Millenium Pbk Apr 00
  • The Paladin (Gollancz Millenium Pbk, 1998)
  • The Pathless Way (Orion, 1996) Gollancz Millenium Pbk 1998
  • The War of the Lords Veil (Gollancz Millenium, 1994) Gollancz Millenium Pbk 1998
  • The Hidden Whole

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