Tangled Web UK Review May 2012
File Updated: 13/05/2012

Cop To Corpse (Peter Diamond Mystery) by Peter Lovesey
hbk out May 12 Published by Sphere at 19.99
Peter Lovesey is one of the UK’s leading novelists, an author who has been entertaining us for well over 30 years. He has done so much, and received so much acclaim, that he might be forgiven for resting on his laurels. But there is no sign of that happening, and his latest novel, Cop to Corpse, is an excellent example of his ability to vary his approach, even in the context of his long-running series featuring Peter Diamond, the Bath-based cop. The book is rather darker in tone than many of the earlier Diamond novels, though the banter between Diamond and his fellow police officers provide light relief. The structure is unusual. The first couple of chapters are told in the present tense, and the main narrative is interspersed with lengthy blog posts written by a youngish woman. The plot, which involves the killing of three policemen, and an attack on a fourth (as well as an attack on Diamond himself by a helmeted motorbike rider) is very elaborate. As a result, the book is longer than some of Lovesey’s other books, but the quality of writing remains high. The story may be unorthodox, but it is certainly a good read and proof – were it needed – that Lovesey is still as good at keeping us guessing as ever.

( Martin Edwards - author of the highly acclaimed Harry Devlin Mysteries)
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