Tangled Web UK Review June 2006
File Updated: 26/02/2008

Chinese Takeout by Judith Cutler
pbk out January 08 (Allison Busby) at 6.99

Judith Cutler is best known for her two series featuring Sophie Rivers and Kate Power, but it may well be that in time Josephine Welford will come to be regarded as her principal creation. Josie is the widow of a major criminal and this book opens with her as the licensee of the White Hart at Abbot's Dunscombe and bemoaning her low boredom threshold. Soon she has plenty to keep her occupied as she becomes involved with a young Chinese man who seeks sanctuary from the church and finishes up being hit on the head. Cutler contrives to blend a cosmopolitan outlook with a quintessentially English setting no mean feat.

( Martin Edwards - author of the highly acclaimed Harry Devlin Mysteries)
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