Tangled Web UK Review January 2000
File Updated: 30/03/00
Dune by Frank Herbert

Dune is, of course, one of the established classics of the science fiction canon. Originally published in serial form in Analog, the stories were fixed-up and first published as a novel in 1965. The book was, rightly, a phenomenal success and created a cottage industry for Herbert who wrote several inferior sequels. More recently, in the best grave robbing tradition of our fine publishing industry, a new series of prequels has been initiated, written (at least according to the credits) by the late author's son in conjunction with a variety of big name science fiction hacks. Never let it be said that anything as minor as death got in the way of turning a buck.
Duneremains a magnificent piece of work. Epic in scale, bold in imagination and thrilling in execution, it's a classic that truly deserves to be read. Gollancz has reissued the original in a new hardback edition featuring a dozen or so impressive colour illustrations by John Schoenherr. Although it's hard to imagine there is a used bookstore in the civilized world that doesn't contain at least one cheap paperback copy of Dune, this volume isn't bad value if you want a nice, permanent edition of the novel. If you only know Dune by way of the dreadful David Lynch movie adaptation, then treat yourself to the real McCoy. Dune is one of those books that you envy someone discovering for the first time.

( Jay Russell - one of the greatest talents the horror industry has produced for some time… (Black Tears))