Craig Holden - "The River Sorrow"
Macmillan 1995
A new name on the thriller writer's roster and on the evidence of this book a welcome one. Craig Holden uses the newly rehabilitated figure of one physician Adrian Lancaster to conduct a study of addiction and obsession. A patient flown in by helicopter to Lancaster's hospital turns out to be the ticket back to past hell for the doctor. As an ex addict Lancaster has a past which refuses to lie down, and which catches up with him fast. The badly burned victim lets loose a chain of investigation which points to Lancaster and from then on we're into a story of loyalty, betrayal and past failure. What could have been melodramatic material is skilfully handled by Holden. This is no run of the mill dip into the murky waters but well informed and authentic. The violence is graphic and real, the setting in a small mid-western town well drawn - an impressive first novel the next one eagerly awaited. (R.L.)

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