Tangled Web UK Review April 2008
File Updated: 11/04/2008

Small Crimes by Dave Zeltserman
pbk out March 08 (Serpent's Tail) at £7.99

Ex-cop Joe Denton is released from prison after serving several years for a brutal attack which left the local district attorney horribly disfigured. Joe gets precious little welcome when he returns home. Already estranged from his ex-wife and daughters and hurt that his parents never once visited him in prison, he now finds himself ostracised by his former colleagues and most of the town community. Top gangster Manny Vassey is dying of cancer and is close to coming clean: a confession that would send Joe back inside. Another player gives Joe an ultimatum: silence Manny or we’ll silence you. Powerfully tense, reading this is like watching a car crash happen, as Joe thrashes like a landed fish trying to survive in a world seriously stacked against him. The characterisation and mental torment are reminiscent of the insightful psychological thrillers of Jim Thompson. Stunning stuff.

( Cath Staincliffe author of the popular Sal Kilkenny mysteries and the series creator of TV Blue Murder)
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