Tangled Web UK Review December 2003
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At a private school north of Edinburgh, two boys are shot and killed, and a third left for dead before the gunman turns his gun on himself. Can any motive be found for what appears to be such a senseless attack? Detective Inspector John Rebus is fascinated by the murderer: an ex-Army loner and not so far removed from Rebus himself who was also in the forces. Military investigators muscle in on the enquiry suggesting there is a hidden agenda to events. One of the victims has a family connection to Rebus, though the policeman has had no contact with his relatives for years, which makes for some uncomfortable encounters. But there is more than one mystery here. Rebus has heavily bandaged hands and the low-life criminal who had been stalking his colleague Siobhan Clarke has been burnt to death. Rankin expertly keeps us on a knife-edge, uncertain as to Rebusís culpability, and intrigued by the twists of the investigation. Cracking dialogue, strong storylines, a concern for the mores and morality of modern life and utterly convincing characters who are bolshie, frail and funny by turns. This is the fifteenth Rebus book and Rankin is deservedly the UKís best-selling crime writer and a winner of awards at home and abroad. Heís on top form here Ė unremitting pleasure.

Manchester Evening News 15.11.03

( Cath Staincliffe author of the popular Sal Kilkenny mysteries set on the mean streets of Manchester)

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