Tangled Web UK Review January 2004
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Thobela Mpayipheli has created a new life for himself: he's found a family, a good woman and her precious son, and they mean the world to him. He has dreams of setting up as a farmer, escaping with them to a peaceful and modest future. Nothing could be further from Thobela's violent and murderous past. But when the daughter of an old friend comes to him for help he cannot refuse: he owes Johnny Kleintjes a debt of honour. Thobela agrees to deliver a computer disk containing sensitive information to Lusaka, the other side of South Africa. He 'borrows' a huge motorbike from his boss and sets off cross country. Before long Thobela hits the headlines (as the big, bad Xhosa biker) and a hunt ensues as the intelligence services try and intercept him, dead or alive. For Janina Mentz, the white Afrikaner woman who leads the special operation to recover the disk, this is a test of her power and authority. For her men a test of their cunning and strength. The stakes don't get any higher. Translated from the Afrikaans, Meyer's third title gives us a travelling action thriller which is laden with the bitter history of South Africa and riddled with the manoeuvrings of spooks, informers, warriors and double-agents. There are moments of breezy humour too as the biker communities adopt Thobela as a hero. The innocent suffer as well as the combatants - no fairytale ending here.
Manchester Evening News 6.12.03

( Cath Staincliffe author of the popular Sal Kilkenny mysteries set on the mean streets of Manchester)

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