Tangled Web UK Review July 2011
File Updated: 08/07/2011

All Yours by Claudia Pineiro
pbk out August 11 (Bitter Lemon Press) at 8.99
Inés is not surprised when she finds a love-heart drawn in lipstick on a note in her husband Ernesto’s briefcase. She believes all men cheat on their wives, sooner or later. Following Ernesto one winter’s evening, she sees him in a violent encounter with a woman, the woman collapses and Ernesto disposes of her body in a lake nearby. Inés will give Ernesto an alibi, after all he needs her now more than ever and she’ll have a hold over him. But when Ernesto continues to stray, Inés plots her revenge. Argentinean Piñeiro is a journalist, playwright, television scriptwriter and more recently the author of literary crime novels that are bestsellers throughout Latin America. This sly (and slim at 172 pages) account of selfishness and amorality is a delicious read. Inés and Ernesto with their sense of privilege and entitlement, inhabit a world where relationships are status symbols, a mark of success and the charade of a happy family life must be maintained at all costs. Meanwhile their ruthless egoism makes them incapable of seeing what really matters and supporting the daughter who needs them most.

Translated by Miranda France

( Cath Staincliffe author of the popular Sal Kilkenny mysteries and the series creator of TV Blue Murder)
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