Tangled Web UK Review December 2000
File Updated: 15/12/00
The Will The Will by Reed Arvin
pbk out November 00 (Simon & Schuster Audio) at £9.99
This is a British issue of an American Scribner’s publication and when I began reading, I thought it was another John Grisham look-alike – which in a way, it is.
Henry Mathews is a young hot-shot Chicago lawyer, originating in a hick town in Kansas where his deceased dad was a poor but honest lawyer. Sonny has to go back for the first time in years, to sort out the will drawn up by his dad for the town despot. Lo and behold, the lord of Nothingsville has cut out his evil son in favour of the town idiot, Birdman, an apparent schizophrenic who lives on a park bench with a vulture.
Henry battles for the truth against the town baddies, with crooked lawyers, sheriffs and judges, loosing his yuppie job and elegant girl-friend in the process. However, he meets up with a pretty environmentalist and gets his day in court at the end. Though a typical American legal-based novel, with a slightly ponderous style and a predictable outcome, it is a decent read and has some interesting facts about those rocking-arm oil pumps that seem to share the Mid-West with corn and cows.

( Bernard Knight - Author of the highly acclaimed Crowner John series set in Medieval Devon)