Bill Fitzhugh Pest Control
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Pest ControlI recently recorded a TV programme called "Bugs in the System", mistakenly assuming it was about computer bugs rather than the creepy-crawly variety. It just shows how a title can lead to misconceptions as Bob Dillon, an enthusiastic entomologist dedicating his life to finding a strain of "Assassin bug" was to find out!
Bob’s dream is to have a van with a huge three dimensional bug on the top, and written down the sides the words "The Exterminator". To encourage trade and help realise his dream, he sends out a flyer. Bob and his family’s way of life is to change forever.
A client Marcel arrives on the doorstep and demands Bob’s expertise. Of course Bob thinks that Marcel wants him to exterminate bugs, but Marcel wants him to exterminate something of a more serious nature. Bob’s life enters new and dangerous realms. We meet the CIA, different types of assassins, including the wonderful assassin bugs, the true heroes of the tale, and plenty of interesting characters to boot.
I found this book extremely enjoyable, original and very funny. With the correct casting for the characters of the assassin bugs this would be an inspiring comic/horror film. Bill Fitzhugh’s extensive knowledge of entomology is allowed to come to the forefront. It’s amazing what a specimen with 6 legs can do! Just read it, I couldn’t put it down. (TH)

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