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TANGLED WEB UK is a massive site with thousands of pages packed full of information on Crime Fiction Authors, Murder Mystery Books, Thrillers, True Crime, Science Fiction and Fantasy Books. We have hundreds of Reviews from some of the top Authors in the business and feature Books from the whole range of British Publishers from 1996 to 2010. A Huge resource with all of the latest book information, updated weekly, make sure you bookmark us and come back often!

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Reviews: Tangled Web UK Last Updated Nov 15th
Stieg Larsson, My Friend by Kurdo Baksi - Maclehose Press (Martin Edwards)
Blacklands by Belinda Bauer - Bantam (Martin Edwards)
The Secret Life of Wallander by Stafford Hildred - Blake Pub (Martin Edwards)
The Guv'nors: Ten of Scotland Yard's Greatest Detectives by Dick Kirby - Wharncliffe Books (Carol Anne Davis)
The Burning by Jane Casey - Ebury Press (Cath Staincliffe)
Savages by Don Winslow - by Simon Schuster (Cath Staincliffe)
Talking About Detective Fiction by P.D. James - Bodleian Library (Martin Edwards)
The Anatomy of Ghosts by Andrew Taylor - Michael Joseph (Martin Edwards)
Michael Koryta So Cold The River - Hodder (Chris High)
Into Darkness by Jonathan Lewis - Preface (Cath Staincliffe)
Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay - Orion (Cath Staincliffe)
Yours Until Death by Gunnar Staalesen - Constable (Martin Edwards)
Bolt Action by Charlie Charters - Hodder (Chris High)
Known to Evil: A Leonid McGill Mystery by Walter Mosley - Weidenfeld (Bernard Knight)
A Carrion Death by Michael Stanley - Headline (Bernard Knight)
The Herring in the Library by L C Tyler - Macmillan (Martin Edwards)
Gilda (BFI Film Classics) by Melvyn Stokes - BFI Publishing (Martin Edwards)
Mo Hayder Gone - Bantam (Cath Staincliffe)
Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks by John Curran - HarperCollins (Martin Edwards)
More Reviews

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo The Girl Who Played With Fire The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest


CWA Gold Dagger
Short List 2010 and Winners
Gold Dagger 2010
Blacklands - Belinda Bauer
Steel Dagger 2010
A Loyal Spy - Simon Conway

New Blood Dagger 2010
Acts of Violence - Ryan David Jahn
CWA International Dagger - Johan Theorin - The Darkest Room
CWA Dagger in the Library - Ariana Franklin
CWA Non-Fiction Dagger - Ruth Dudley Edwards Aftermath: The Omagh Bombing & the Families’ Pursuit of Justice.
CWA Short Story Dagger - Robert Ferrigno - Can You Help Me Out Here
CWA Debut Dagger
for a previously unpublished author - Patrick Eden for the opening chapter of his story A Place of Dying.

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“Focus on craft . . . because a good book will always find a home.”

Acclaimed horror writer Christopher Ransom speaks with Chris High about his debut, The Birthing House, and second novel, The Haunting of James Hastings, the craft of research and his hopes for the future of books.

Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year 2010 - The Winner

A Simple Act Of Violence – R J Ellory

Reginald Hill
winner of the inaugural Theakstons Outstanding Contribution to Crime Fiction Award

AIEP/IAC Practical Guides to European Crime Fiction No.4 (Italy)
Other in the series: France - Netherlands - Switzerland. The series co-ordinator - Bob Cornwell.
More can be found at Crime Time where each profile is available to download in pdf format

Phil Rickman / John Dee
Phil lives on the Welsh border where he writes and presents the book programme Phil the Shelf on BBC Radio Wales.


The Bones of Avalon is also a kind of prequel to Phil Rickman’s first Glastonbury novel, The Chalice.

Here’s Phil on what a bloody trial it was...

I never wanted to write an historical novel. I like contemporary situations, concise descriptions, and dialogue you can hear. John Dee, however, was tempting. Elizabeth I’s astrologer royal, adviser on the Hidden and occasional secret agent was regarded with suspicion in his day and has since been abused by some of the finest historians in the business. David Starkey is typical in considering him a con-man.
But I’ve always liked Dee and couldn’t believe nobody had yet made him the paranoid protagonist of a darkly atmospheric Tudor mystery.
So here it is, and I think it works. Dee’s the narrator. It’s 1560, he’s 32,
Review by Bernard Knight
More Phil Rickman titles
TW's Book Address: http://www.tangled-web.co.uk/crimedigests/digests10/atlanticsu10.html#The%20Bones%20of%20Avalon

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The TW Book Address is a powerful tool which helps you to become actively involved in the promotion of your favorite book or author.
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Truth, Lies and Fiction
A Q & A with Peter Temple on the subject of his new book, Truth
and review
* by Bob Cornwell

The Dark Beginnings of Detective Fiction
by Paul M. Chapman
author of Birth of a Legend: Count Dracula, Bram Stoker and Whitby

Inspector Ghote series


Sherlock Holmes for Beginners.
by Rafe McGregor
Sherlock Holmes is an international icon, as much a part of popular culture as Dracula and James Bond – perhaps more so, as to date he has been portrayed by seventy-five actors in two hundred and eleven films, more than any other character real or imagined.
Read more



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CWA Daggers 2010
Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year 2010 - A SIMPLE ACT OF VIOLENCE

Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year 2010A SIMPLE ACT OF VIOLENCE

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