HarperCollins publish `lost' Agatha Christie stories! 
Like many of her contemporaries, Agatha Christie wrote stories for a variety of magazines in the 1920s like Strand and The Sketch, and most of these eventually found their way into her books of short stories. Now, 21 years after her death, detective work worthy of Agatha Christie herself has unearthed seven 'new' stories, six of which have never been published anywhere in the world since their original appearances, plus early magazine versions of two Poirot stories which she later reworked for book publication.
HarperCollins' Projects Director David Brawn said: These early short stories uniquely display Agatha Christie's talents across a range of genres, from crime to dark romance and the supernatural, and provide a glimpse of the Queen of Crime in the making. Anyone who enjoys Agatha Christie will find every story fascinating for her skill in characterisation and ability to deliver an unexpected twist in the tail..
The stories include The House of Dreams, the first story Agatha Christie ever wrote (during the First World War) which recounts the effects of a man's macabre recurring dream on his life, The Edge, a gripping tale of jealousy and infidelity, and While the Light Lasts, in which a Rhodesian tobacco plantation is the setting for an unexpected visitor from beyond the grave. Most interesting of all is a story called Manx Gold, commissioned from Christie for a real-life treasure hunt on the Isle of Man in 1930. It was the first event of its kind in the world, and holidaymakers had to solve clues in the story to locate four genuine miniature treasure chests planted on the island. Though a quarter of a million booklets containing the story were printed, only one original copy is known to have survived.
But there were some disappointments. For example, a story called The Mystery of the Dressing-Case, proved especially elusive, and when a copy was finally tracked down, it turned out to be an edited version of Murder in the Mews - and that has been in print for 60 years!'

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