Edgar Awards
awarded by the
Mystery Writers of America

Grand Masters
1994 Lawrence Block
1993 Donald E. Westlake
1992 Elmore Leonard
1991 Tony Hillerman
1990 Helen McCloy
1989 Hillary Waugh
1988 Phyllis A. Whitney
1986 Michael Gilbert
1985 Ed McBain (Evan Hunter)
1984 Dorothy Salisbury Davis
1983 John le Carre'
1982 Margaret Millar
1981 Julian Symons
1980 Stanley Ellin
1979 W.R. Burnett
1978 Aaron Marc Stein
1977 Daphne du Maurier, Dorothy B. Hughes, Ngaio Marsh
1976 Graham Greene
1975 Eric Ambler
1973 Ross Macdonald
1972 Judson Philips
1971 John D. MacDonald
1970 Mignon G. Eberhart
1969 James M. Cain
1968 John Creasey
1966 Baynard Kendrick
1965 Georges Simenon
1963 George Harmon Coxe
1962 John Dickson Carr
1961 Erle Stanley Gardner
1960 Ellery Queen
1958 Rex Stout
1957 Vincent Starrett
1954 Agatha Christie


Best Novel
1995 (Nominations)
THE BOOKMAN'S WAKE by John Dunning (Scribners)
COME TO GRIEF by Dick Francis (Putnam)
THE SHADOW MAN by John Katzenbach (Ballantine)
THE SUMMONS by Peter Lovesey (Mysterious/Warner)
ROARING BOY by Edward Marsden (St. Martin's)

THE SCULPTRESS by Minette Walters (St. Martin's)
Also: FREE FALL by Robert Crais (Bantam);
SMILLA'S SENSE OF SNOW by Peter Hoeg (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux);
WOLF IN THE SHADOWS by Marcia Muller (Mysterious);
THE JOURNEYMAN TAILOR by Gerald Seymour (Harper Collins).

BOOTLEGGER'S DAUGHTER by Margaret Maron (Mysterious Press)
Also: BACKHAND by Liza Cody (Doubleday Perfect Crime);
32 CADILLACS by Joe Gores (Mysterious Press);
WHITE BUTTERFLY by Walter Mosley;
POMONA QUEEN by Kem Nunn (Pocket Books).

A DANCE AT THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE by Lawrence Block (Wm. Morrow)
Also: DON'T SAY A WORD by Andrew Klavan (Pocket);
PRIOR CONVICTIONS by Lia Matera (Simon & Schuster);
I.O.U. by Nancy Pickard (Pocket);
PALINDROME by Stuart Woods (HarperCollins).

NEW ORLEANS MOURNING by Julie Smith (St. Martin's)
Also: FADE THE HEAT by Jay Brandon (Pocket);
WHISKEY RIVER by Loren Estleman (Bantam);
BONES AND SILENCE by Reginald Hill (Delacorte);
DEADFALL IN BERLIN by R. D. Zimmerman (Donald I. Fine)

BLACK CHERRY BLUES by James Lee Burke (Little, Brown)
Also: A QUESTION OF GUILT by Frances Fyfield (Pocket);
DEATH OF A JOYCE SCHOLAR by Bartholomew Gill (Morrow);
GOLDILOCKS by Andrew Coburn (Scribners);
THE BOOSTER by Eugene Izzi (St. Martin's).

A COLD RED SUNRISE by Stuart M. Kaminsky (Scribners)
Also: A THIEF OF TIME by Tony Hillerman (Harper & Row);
IN THE LAKE OF THE MOON by David L. Lindsey (Atheneum);
JOEY'S CASE by K. C. Constantine (Mysterious Press);
SACRIFICIAL GROUND by Thomas H. Cook (Putnam).

OLD BONES by Aaron Elkins (Mysterious Press)
Also: A TROUBLE OF FOOLS by Linda Barnes (St. Martin's);
NURSERY CRIMES by B.M. Gill (Scribners);
ROUGH CIDER by Peter Lovesey (Mysterious Press);
THE CORPSE IN OOZAK'S POND by Charlotte MacLeod (Mysterious Press).

A DARK-ADAPTED EYE by Barbara Vine (Bantam)
Also: THE BLIND RUN by Brian Freemantle (Bant),
COME MORNING by Joe Gores (Mysterious Press),
THE STRAIGHT MAN by Roger L. Simon (Villard),
A TASTE FOR DEATH by P.D. James (Knopf).

THE SUSPECT by L.R. Wright (Viking Penguin)
Also: CITY OF GLASS: THE NEW YORK TRILOGY, PART I by Paul Auster (Sun & Moon Press),
A SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM by Simon Brett (Scribners),
THE TREE OF HANDS by Ruth Rendell (Pantheon),
AN UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS by Ruth Rendell (Pantheon).

BRIARPATCH by Ross Thomas (Simon & Schuster)
Also: THE BLACK SERAPHIM by Michael Gilbert (Harper & Row),
CHESSPLAYER by William Pearson (Viking Penguin/The Viking Press),
EMILY DICKINSON IS DEAD by Jane Langton (St. Martin's/A Joan Kahn Book),
THE TWELFTH JUROR by B.M. Gill (Scribners).

LA BRAVA by Elmore Leonard (Arbor House)
Also: THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL by John le Carre'(Knopf)
THE NAME OF THE ROSE by Umberto Eco, translated by William Weaver (A Helen & Kurt Wolff Book/Harcourt Brace Jovanovich),
THE PAPERS OF TONY VEITCH by William Mcllvanney (Pantheon),
TEXAS STATION by Christopher Leach (A Helen & Kurt Wolff Book/Harcourt Brace Jovanovich).

BILLINGSGATE SHOAL by Rick Boyer (Houghton Mifflin)
Also: THE CAPTAIN by Seymour Shubin (Stein & Day),
EIGHT MILLION WAYS TO DIE by Lawrence Block (Arbor House),
KAHAWA by Donald E. Westlake (Viking),
SPLIT IMAGES by Elmore Leonard (Arbor House).

PEREGRINE by William Bayer (Congdon & Lattes)
Also: THE AMATEUR by Robert Littell (Simon & Schuster),
BOGMAIL by Patrick McGinley (Ticknor & Fields),
DEATH IN A COLD CLIMATE by Robert Barnard (Scribner's),
DUPE by Liza Cody (Scribner's),
THE OTHER SIDE OF SILENCE by Ted Allebeury (Scribner's).

WHIP HAND by Dick Francis (Harper & Row)
Also: DEATH OF A LITERARY WIDOW by Robert Barnard (Scribner's),
DEATH DROP by B.M. Gill (Scribner's),
SPY'S WIFE by Reginald Hill (Pantheon),
MAN ON FIRE by A.J. Quinell (Morrow).

THE RHEINGOLD ROI'TE by Arthur Maling (Harper & Row)
Also: DEATH OF A MYSTERY WRITER by Robert Barnard (Scribner's),
FIRE IN THE BARLEY by Frank Parrish (Dodd Mead),
MAKE DEATH LOVE ME by Ruth Rendell (Doubleday),
A COAT OF VARNISH by C.P. Snow (Scribner's).

THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE by Ken Follett (Arbor House).
Also: THE SNAKE by John Godey (Putnam),
LISTENING WOMAN by Tony Hillerman (Harper & Row),
A SLEEPING LIFE by Ruth Rendell (Doubleday),
THE SHALLOW GRAVE by Jack S. Scott (Harper & Row).

CATCH ME: KILL ME by William Hallahan (Bobbs Merrill)
Also: LAIDLAW by William Mcllvanney (Pantheon),
NIGHTWING by Martin Cruz Smith (Norton).

PROMISED LAND by Robert Parker (Houghton-Mifflin)
Also: A MADNESS OF THE HEART by Richard Neeley (Crowell),
THE MAIN by Tre- vanian (Harcourt-Brace),
THE CAVANAUGH QUEST by Thomas Gifford (Putnam).

HOPSCOTCH by Brian Garfield (M. Evans)
Also: THE GARGOYLE CONSPIRACY by Marvin Albert (Doubleday),
THE MONEY HARVEST by Ross Thomas (William Morrow),
HARRY'S GAME by Gerald Seymour (Random House),
OPERATION ALCESTIC by Maggie Rennert (Prentice-Hall).

PETER'S PENCE by Jon Cleary (Morrow)
Also: GOODBYE AND AMEN by Francis Clifford (Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich),
THE LESTER AFFAIR by Andrew Garve (Harper & Row),
THE MAN WHO LOVED ZOOS by Malcolm Bosse (Putnam),
THE SILVER BEARS by Paul E. Erdman (Scribner's).

DANCE HALL OF THE DEAD by Tony Hillerman (Harper & Row)
Also: AMIGO, AMIGO by Francis Clifford (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan),
DEAR LAURA by Jean Stubbs (Stein & Day),
THE RAINBIRD PATTERN by Victor Canning (William Morrow),
AN UNSUITABLE JOB FOR A WOMAN by P.D. James (Scribner's).

THE LINGALA CODE by Warren Kiefer (Random House)
Also: CANTO FOR A GYPSY by Martin Smith (Putnam),
FIVE PIECES OF JADE by John Ball (Little, Brown),
THE SHOOTING GALLERY by Hugh C. Rae (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan),
TIED UP IN TINSEL by Ngaio Marsh (Little, Brown).

THE DAY OF THE JACKAL by Frederick Forsyth (Viking)
Also: SHROUD FOR A NIGHTINGALE by P.D. James (Scribners),
THE FLY ON THE WALL by Tony Hillerman (Harper& Row),
WHO KILLED ENOCH POWELL? by Arthur Wise (Harper & Row),
SIR, YOU BASTARD by G.F. Newman (Simon & Schuster).

THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN by Maj. Sjowall and Per Wahloo (Pantheon)
Also: THE HOUND AND THE FOX AND THE HARPER by Shaun Herron (Random House),
BEYOND THIS POINT ARE MONSTERS by Margaret Millar (Random House),
MANY DEADLY RETURNS by Patricia Moyes (Holt, Rinehart & Winston),
THE HOT ROCK by Donald E. Westlake (Simon & Schuster).

FORFEIT by Dick Francis (Harper & Row)
Also: THE OLD ENGLISH PEEP SHOW by Peter Dickinson (Harper & Row),
MIRO by Shaun Herron (Random House),
BLIND MAN WITH A PISTOL by Chester Himes (William Morrow),
WHEN IN GREECE by Emma Latham (Simon & Schuster),
WHERE THE DARK STREETS GO by Dorothy Salisbury Davis (Scribners).

A CASE OF NEED by Jeffery Hudson (World)
Also: PICTURE MISS SEETON by Heron Carvic (Harper & Row),
THE GLASS-SPIDER ANTS' NEST by Peter Dickinson (Harper & Row),
BLOOD SPORT by Dick Francis (Harper & Row),
GOD SPEED THE NIGHT by Dorothy Salisbury Davis and Jerome Ross (Scribners),
THE VALENTINE ESTATE by Stanley Ellin (Random House).

GOD SAVE THE MARK by Donald E. Westlake (Random House)
Also: FLYING FINISH by Dick Francis (Harper & Row),
THE GIFT SHOP by Charlotte Armstrong (Coward McCann),
A PARADE OF COCKEYED CREATURES by George Baxt (Random House),
LEMON IN THE BASKET by Charlotte Armstrong (Coward McCann),
ROSEMARY'S BABY by Ira Levin (Random House).

KING OF THE RAINY COUNTRY by Nicolas Freeling (Harper & Row)
Also: ODDS AGAINST by Dick Francis (Harper & Row),
KILLER DOLPHIN by Ngaio Marsh (Little, Brown),
THE BUSY BODY by Donald E. Westlake (Random House).

THE QUILLER MEMORANDUM by Adam Hall (Simon & Schuster)
Also: THE FAR SIDE OF THE DOLLAR by Ross Macdonald (Knopf),
THE PALE BETRAYER by Dorothy Salisbury Davis (Scribners),
AIRS ABOVE THE GROUND by Mary Stewart (Morrow),
THE PERFECT MURDER by H.R.F. Keating (Dutton),
FUN- ERAL IN BERLIN by Len Deighton (Putnam).

THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD by John le Carre' (Coward- McCann)
Also: THE NIGHT OF THE GENERALS by Hans Hellmut Kirst (Harper & Row),
THE FIEND by Margaret Millar (Random House),
THIS ROUCH MAGIC by Mary Stewart (Morrow).

THE LIGHT OF DAY by Eric Ambler (Knopf)
Also: THE MAKE-BELIEVE MAN by Elizabeth Fenwick (Harper & Row),
GRIEVE FOR THE PAST by Stanton Forbes (Crime Club),
THE EXPENDABLE MAN by Dorothy B. Hughes (Random House),
THE PLAYER ON THE OTHER SIDE by Ellery Queen (Random House).

DEATH OF THE JOYFUL WOMAN by Ellis Peters (Crime Club
Also: THE ZEBRASTRIPED HEARSE by Ross Macdonald (Knopf),
SEANCE by Mark McShane (Crime Club),
THE EVIL WISH by Jean Potts (Scribners),
KNAVE OF HEARTS by Dell Shannon (Morrow),
THE BALLAD OF THE RUNNING MAN by Shelly Smith (Harper & Row).

GIDEON'S FIRE by J.J. Marric (Harper
Also: NIGHTMARE by Anne Blaisdell (Knopf),
THE GREEN STONE by Suzanne Blanc (Harper),
NIGHT OF WENCESLES by Lionel Davidson ( Harper),
THE WYCHERLY WOMAN by Ross Macdonald (Knopf).

PROGRESS OF A CRIME by Julian Symons (Harper
Also: THE TRACES OF BRILIHART by Herbert Brean (Harper),
THE DEVIL'S OWN by Peter Curtis (Doubleday),
WATCHER IN THE SHADOWS by Geoffrey Household (Little, Brown).

THE HOURS BEFORE DAWN by Celia Fremlin (Lippincott)
Also: THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER by Philip MacDonald (Crime Club).

THE EIGHTH CIRCLE by Stanley Ellin (Random House)
Also: A GENTLEMAN CALLED by Dorothy Salisbury Davis (Scribners),
THE MADHOUSE IN WASHINGTON SQUARE by David Alexander (Lippincott),
WOMAN IN THE WOODS by Lee Blackstock (Crime Club).

ROOM TO SWING by Ed Lacy (Harper
Also: THE LONGEST SECOND by Bill Ballinger (Harper),
THE NIGHT OF THE GOOD CHILDREN by Marjorie Carleton (Morrow),
THE BUSH- MAN WHO CAME BACK by Arthur Upfield (Crime Club).

A DRAM OF POISON by Charlotte Armstrong (Coward-McCann)
Also: THE MAN WHO DIDN'T FLY by Margot Bennett (Harper).

BEAST IN VIEW by Margaret Millar (Random House)
Also: THE CASE OF THE TALKING BUG by The Gordons (Crime Club),
THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY by Patricia Highsmith (Coward-McCann).

THE LONG GOODBYE by Raymond Chandler ( Houghton-Mifflin).

BEAT NOT THE BONES by Charlotte Jay (Harper).


Best First Novel
1995 (nominations)
TIGHT SHOT by Kevin Allman (St. Martin's)
PENANCE by David Housewright (Foul Play/Countryman Press)
MURDER IN SCORPIO by Martha C. Lawrence (St. Martin's)
THE HAPPY CHRONICLES by Allan Pedrazas (St. Martin's)
FIXED IN HIS FOLLY by David J. Walker (St. Martin's)

A GRAVE TALENT by Laurie King (St. Martin's
Also: THE LIST OF 7 by Mark Frost (William Morrow);
CRIMINAL SEDUCTION by Darian North (E.P. Dutton);
THE BALLAD OF RUCKY RUIZ by Manuel Ramos (St. Martin's);
ZADDIK by David Rosenbaum (Mysterious Press).

THE BLACK ECHO by Michael Connelly (Little, Brown).
Also: TRAIL OF MURDER by Christine Andreae (St. Martin's);
TRICK OF THE EYE by Jane Stanton Hitchcock (Dutton);
LADYSTINGER by Craig Smith (Crown).

SLOW MOTION RIOT by Peter Blauner (Wm. Morrow
Also: DEADSTICK by Terence Faherty (St. Martin's)
DEADLINE by Marcy Heidish (St. Martin's);
ZERO AT THE BONE by Mary Willis Walker (St. Martin's);
A COOL BREEZE IN THE UNDERGROUND by Don Winslow (St. Martin's).

POST MORTEM by Patricia Daniels Cornwell (Scribner's).
Also: PASSION PLAY by W. Edward Blain (G.P. Putnam's Sons);
NOBODY LIVES FOREVER by Edna Buchanan (Random House);
DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS by Walter Mosely (W.W. Norton).

THE LAST BILLABLE HOUR by Susan Wolfe (St. Martin's).
Also: BLOOD UNDER THE BRIDGE by Bruce Zimmerman (Harper & Row);
HIDE AND SEEK by Barry Berg (St. Martin's);
THE MOTHER SHADOW by Melodie Johonson Howe (Viking);
THE STORY OF ANNIE D. by Susan Taylor Chehak (Houghton Mifflin).

CAROLINA SKELETONS by David Stout (Mysterious Press).
Also: A GREAT DELIVERANCE by Elizabeth George (Bantam);
JULIAN SOLO by Shelly Reuben (Dodd Mead);
MURDER ONCE DONE by Mary Lou Bennett (Peseverance Press);
THE MURDER OF FRAU SCHUTZ by J. Madison Davis (Walker).

DEATH AMONG STRANGERS by Deidre S. Laiken (Macmillan).
Also: DETECTIVE by Parnell Hall (Donald I. Fine);
HEAT LIGHTNING by John Lantigua (Putnam);
LOVER MAN by Dallas Murphy (Scribners);
THE SPOILER by Domenic Stansberry (Atlantic Monthly).

NO ONE RIDES FOR FREE by Larry Beinhart(Morrow).
Also: DEAD AIR by Mike Lupica (Villard),
FLOATER by Joseph Koenig (Mysterious Press),
LOST by Gary Devon (Knopf),
RICEBURNER by Richard Hyer (Scribners)

WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS by Jonathan Kellerman (Atheneum).
Also: THE ADVENTURE OFTHE ECTO- PLASMIC MAN by Daniel Stashower (Morrow),
THE GLORY HOLE MURDERS by Tony Fennelly (Carroll & Graf),
SLEEPING DOG by Dick Lochte (Arbor House).

STRIKE THREE, YOU'RE DEAD by R.D. Rosen (Walker).
Also: A CREATIVE KIND OF KILLER by Jack Early (Franklin Watts),
FOUL SHOT by Doug Hornig (Scribners),
SOMEONE ELSE'S GRAVE by Alison Smith (St. Mar- tin's/A Joan Kahn Book),
SWEET, SAVAGE DEATH by Orania Papazoglou (Dou- bleday Crime Club).

THE BAY PSALM BOOK MURDER by Will Harriss (Walker).
Also: CAROLINE MINUSCULE by Andrew Taylor (Dodd, Mead),
DEAD MAN'S THOUGHTS by Carolyn Wheat (St. Martin's),
THE GOLD SOLUTION by Herbert Resnicow (St. Martin's/A Joan Kahn Book),
RED DIAMOND, PRIVATE EYE by Mark Schorr (St. Martin's) .

THE BUTCHER'S BOY by Thomas Perry (Scribner's
Also: BY FREQUENT ANGUISH by S.F.X. Dean (Walker),
IN THE HEAT OF THE SUMMER by John Katzenbach (Atheneum),
TWO IF BY SEA by Ernest Savage (Scribner's),
UNHOLY COMMUNION by Richard Hughes (Doubleday).

CHIEFS by Stuart Woods (Norton
Also: THE BLACK GLOVE by Geoffrey Miller (Viking),
GIANT KILLER by Vernon Tom Hyman (Marek),
MURDER AT THE RED OCTOBER by Anthony Olcott (Academy Chicago),
NOT A THROUGH STREET by Ernest Larsen (Random House).

THE WATCHER by Kay Nolte Smith (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan
Also: WINDS OF THE OLD DAYS by Betsy Aswald (Dial),
THE REMBRANDT PANEL by Oliver Banks (Little-Brown). DOUBLE NEGATIVE by David Carkeet (Dial),

THE LASKO TANGENT by Richard North Patterson (Norton).
Also: NIGHT TRAINS by Peter Heath Fine (Lippincott),
FOLLOW THE LEADER by John Logue (Crown).

KILLED IN THE RATINGS by William L. DeAndrea (Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich
Also: THE SCOURGE by Thomas L. Dunne (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan),
FALLING ANGEL by William Hjortsberg (Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich),
BLOOD SECRETS by Craig Jones (Harper & Row),
THE MEMORY OF EVA RYKER by Donald A. Stanwood (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan).

A FRENCH FINISH by Robert Ross (Putnam
Also: DEWEY DECIMATED by Charles A. Goodrun (Crown),
THE FAN by Bob Randall (Random House).

THETHOMASBERRYMAN NUMBER by James Patterson (Little, Brown
Also: STRAIGHT by Steve Knickmeyer (Random House),
YOUR DAY IN THE BARREL by Alan Furst (Atheneum),
FINAL PROOF by Marie R. Reno (Harper & Row). THE BIG PAY-OFF by Janice Law (Houghton- Mifflin).

THE ALVAREZ JOURNAL by Rex Burns (Harper & Row).
Also: THE DEVALINO CAPER by A.J. Russell (Random House),
HARMATTAN by Thomas Klop (Bobbs-Merrill),
WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS by Max Crawford (Farrar, Straus & Giroux),
PAPERBACK THRILLER by Lynn Meyer (Random House).

FLETCH by Gregory Mcdonald (Bobbs-Merrill
Also: THE JONES MAN by Vern E. Smith (Henry Regnery),
THE KREUTZMAN FORMULA by Virgil Scott & Dominic Koski (Simon & Schuster),
SATURDAY GAMES by Brown Meggs (Random House),
TARGET PRACTICE by Nicholas Meyer (Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich).

THE BILLION DOLLAR SURE THING by Paul E. Erdman (Scribners).
Also: KICKED TO DEATH BY A CAMEL by Clarence Jackson (Harper & Row),
MAN ON A STRING by Michael Wolfe (Harper & Row),
MANY HAPPY RETURNS by Justin Scott (David McKay),
SOMEONE'S DEATH by Charles Larson (Lippincott).

SQUAW POINT by R.H. Shimer (Harper & Row
Also: BOX 100 by Frank Leonard (Harper & Row),
THE DEAD OF WINTER by William H. Hallahan (Bobbs-Merrill),
THE HEART OF THE DOG by Thomas A. Roberts (Random House),
A PERSON SHOULDN'T DIE LIKE THAT by Arthur Goldstein (Random House).

FINDING MAUBEE by A.H.Z. Carr (Putnam
Also: GYPSY IN AMBER by Martin Smith (Putnam),
ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION by Michael Z. Lewin (Putnam),
TO SPITE HER FACE by Hildegarde Dolson (Lippincott),
THE STALKER by Bill Pronzini (Random House).

THE ANDERSON TAPES by Lawrence Sanders (Putnam).
Also: INCIDENT AT 125TH STREET by J.E. Brown (Doubleday),
TAKING GARY FELDMAN by Stanley Cohen (Putnam),
THE BLESSING WAY by Tony Hillerman (Harper & Row),
THE NAKED FACE by Sidney Sheldon (Morrow).

A TIME FOR PREDATORS by Joe Gores (Random House).
Also: YOU'LL LIKE MY MOTHER by Naomi Hintze (Putnam),
QUICKSAND by Myrick Land (Harper & Row).

SILVER STREET by E. Richard Johnson (Harper & Row),
and (double winner) THE BAIT by Dorothy Uhnak (Simon & Schuster).
Also: THE DINO- SAUR by Lawrence Kamarck (Random House).

ACT OF FEAR by Michael Collins (Dodd, Mead
Also: MORTISSIMO by P.E.H. Dunston (Random House),
THE KILLING SEASON by John Redgate (Trident),
THE TIGERS ARE HUNGRY by Charles Early (Morrow),
HELL GATE by James Dawson (McKay).

THE COLD WAR SWAP by Ross Thomas (Morrow
Also: A KIND OF TREASON by Robert S. Elegant (Holt, Rinehart & Winston),
FANCY'S KNELL by Babs Deal (Doubleday),
THE PEDESTAL by George Lanning (Harper & Row).

IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT by John Ball (Harper & Row
Also: BEFORE THE BALL WAS OVER by Alexandra Roudybush (Crime Club),
THE EXPENDABLE SPY by Jack D. Hun (Dutton),
THE FRENCH DOLL by Vincent McConner (Hill & Wang).

FRIDAY THE RABBI SLEPT LATE by Harry Kemelman (Crown).
Also: THE GRAVEMAKER'S HOUSE by Rubin Weber (Harper & Row),
IN THE LAST ANALYSIS by Amanda Cross (Macmillan).

THE FLORENTINE FINISH by Cornelius Hirschberg (Harper & Row
Also: THE PROWLER by Francis Rickett (Simon & Schuster),
THE NEON HAY- STACK by James M. Ullman (Simon & Schuster),
THE FIFTH WOMAN by M. Fagyas (Crime Club).

THE FUGITIVE by Robert L. Fish (Simon & Schuster).
Also: COUNTERWEIGHT by Daniel Broun (Holt, Rinehart & Winston),
THE CHASE by Richard Unekis (Walker).

THE GREEN STONE by Suzanne Blanc (Harper
Also: FELONY TANK by Malcolm Braley (Gold Medal),
CLOSE HIS EYES by Olivian Dwight (Harper),
THE CIPHER by Alex Gordon (Simon & Schuster),
NIGHT OFTHE KILL by Breni James (Simon & Schuster),
SHOCK TREATMENT by Winfred Van Atta (Crime Club).

THE MAN IN THE CAGE by John Holbrook Vance (Random House
Also: THE MERCENARIES by Donald E. Westlake (Random House),
CASE PENDING by Dell Shannon (Harper),
KILLING AT BIG TREE by David McCarthy (Doubleday),
THE MARRIAGE CAGE by William Johnston (Lyle Stuart).

THE GREY FLANNEL SHROUD by Henry Slesar (Random House).
Also: A DREAM OF FALLING by Mary O. Rank (Houghton-Mifflin).

THE BRIGHT ROAD TO FEAR by Richard Martin Stern (Ballantine).
Also: THE MAN WHO DISAPPEARED by Edgar Bohle (Random House),
NOW WILL YOU TRY FOR MURDER? by Harry Olesker (Simon & Schuster),
DEATH OF A SPINSTER by Frances Duncombe (Scribners).

KNOCK AND WAIT A WHILE by William Rawle Weeks (Houghton-Mifflin).
Also: BAY OF THE DAMNED by Warren Carrier (John Day),
ROOT OF EVIL by James Cross (Messner).

REBECCA'S PRIDE by Donald McNutt Douglas (Harper).

THE PERFECTIONIST by Lane Kauffman (Lippincott).
Also: IN HIS BLOOD by Harold R. Daniels (Dell),
MUCH ADO ABOUT MURDER by Fred Levon (Dodd, Mead).

GO, LOVELY ROSE by Jean Potts (Scribners).

A KISS BEFORE DYING by Ira Levin (Simon & Schuster).

DON'T CRY FOR ME by William Campbell Gault (Dutton).

STRANGLE HOLD by Mary McMullen (Harper
Also: CARRY MY COFFIN SLOWLY by Lee Herrington (Simon & Schuster),
THE CHRISTMAS CARD MURDERS by David William Meredith (Knopf),
CURE IT WITH HONEY by Thurston Scott (Harper),
THE ELEVENTH HOUR by Robert B. Sinclair (Mill).

NIGHTMARE IN MANHAT- TAN by Thomas Walsh (Little, Brown
Also: THE HOUSE WITHOUT A DOOR by Thomas Sterling (Simon & Schuster),
HAPPY HOLIDAY! by Thaddeus O'Finn (Rinehart),
STRANGERS ON A TRAIN by Patricia Highsmith (Harper) .

WHAT A BODY by Alan Green
Also: THE INNOCENT by Evelyn Piper (Simon & Schuster),
THE DARK LIGHT by Bart Spicer (Dodd, Mead),
THE SHADOW AND THE BLOT by N.D. and G.G. Lobell (Harper),
THE END IS KNOWN by Geoffrey Holiday Hall (Simon & Schuster),
WALK THE DARK STREETS by William Krasner (Harper).

THE ROOM UPSTAIRS by Mildred Davis (Simon & Schuster).
Also: WILDERS WALK AWAY by Herbert Brean (Morrow),
SHOOT THE WORKS by Richard Ellington (Morrow).

THE FABULOUS CLIPJOINT by Fredric Brown (Dutton).

THE HORIZONTAL MAN by Helen Eustis (Harper).

WATCHFUL AT NIGHT by Julius Fast (Farrar).


Best Paperback Original
DEAL BREAKER by Harlan Coben (Dell)
TARNISHED BLUE T by William Heffernan (Onyx)
HIGH DESERT MALICE by Kirk Mitchell (Avon)
CHARGED WITH GUILT by Gloria White (Dell)
HARD FROST by R. D. Wingfield (Bantam)

DEAD FOLKS' BLUES by Steven Womack (Ballantine).
Also: THE SERVANT'S TALE by Margaret Frazer (Jove/Berkley);
TONY'S JUSTICE by Eugene Izzi (Bantam);
BEYOND SARU by T.A. Roberts (Cliffhanger);
EVERYWHERE THAT MARY WENT by Lisa Scottoline (Harper).

A COLD DAY FOR MURDER by Dana Stabenow (Berkley).
Also: THE GOOD FRIDAY MURDER by Lee Harris (Fawcett);
PRINCIPAL DEFENSE by Gini Hartzmark (Ivy);
SHALLOW GRAVES by William Jefferies (Avon);
NIGHT CRUISE by Bille Sue Mosiman (Jove).

DARK MAZE by Thomas Adcock (Pocket
Also: MURDER IN THE DOG DAYS by P. M. Carlson (Bantam);
CRACKING UP by Ed Naha (Pocket);
MIDTOWN NORTH by Christopher Newman (Fawcett);
FINE DISTINCTIONS by Deborah Valentine (Avon).

Also: COMEBACK by L. L. Enger (Pocket);
NOT A CREATURE WAS STIRRING by Jane Haddam (Bantam);
DEAD IN THE SCRUB by B. J. Oliphant (Fawcett);
SPQR by John Maddox Roberts (Avon).

THE RAIN by Keith Peterson (Bantam)
Also: A COLLECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS by Deborah Valentine (Bantam);
HOT WIRE by Randy Russell (Bantam);
KING OF THE HUSTLERS by Eugene Izzi (Bantam);
MANHATTAN IS MY BEAT by Jeffery Wilds Deaver (Bantam).

THE TELLING OF LIES by Timothy Findley (Dell
Also: A RADICAL DEPARTURE by Lia Matera (Bantam);
JUDGEMENT BY FIRE by Fredrick D. Huebner (Fawcett);
PREACHER by Ted Thackrey, Jr. (Jove);
TRAPDOOR by Keith Peterson (Bantam).

Also: BULLSHOT by Gabrielle Kraft (Pocket);
DEADLY INTRUSION by Walter Dillon (Bantam);
THE LONG WAY TO DIE by James N. Frey (Bantam);
THE MONKEY'S RAINCOAT by Robert Crais (Bantam).

THE JUNKYARD DOG by Robert Campbell (Signet
Also: THE CAT WHO SAW RED by Lilian Jackson Braun (Jove);
HAZZARD by R.D. Brown (Bantam);
RONIN by Nick Christian (Tor),
SHATTERED MOON by Kate Green (Dell).

PIGS GET FAT by Warren Murphy (NAL
Also: BLACK GRAVITY by Conall Ryan (Ballantine),
BLUE HERON by Philip Ross (Tor),
BROKEN IDOLS by Sean Flannery (Charter),
POVERTY BAY by Earl W. Emerson (Avon).

GRANDMASTER by Warren Murphy & Molly Cochran (Pinnacle
Also: BLACK KNIGHT IN RED SQUARE by Stuart M. Kaminsky (Charter),
THE KEYS TO BILLY TILLIO by Eric Blau (Pinnacle),
THE SEVENTH SACRAMENT by Roland Cutler (Dell),
WORDS CAN KILL by Kenn Davis (Fawcett Crest).

MRS. WHITE by Margaret Tracy (Dell)
Also: FALSE PROPHETS by Sean Flannery (Charter)
HUNTER by Eric Sauter (Avon)
KILL FACTOR by Richard Harper (Fawcett)
TRACE by Warren Murphy (Signet).

TRIANGLE by Teri White (Ace/Charter)
Also: CLANDESTINE by James Ellroy (Avon)
THE MISSING AND THE DEAD by Jack Lynch (Fawcett).

THE OLD DICK by L.A. Morse (Avon)
Also: DEAD HEAT by Roy Obstfeld (Charter)
DEADLINE by John Dunning(Fawcett)
PIN by Andrew Neiderman (Pocket)
THE UNFORGIVEN by Patricia McDonald (Dell).

PUBLIC MURDERS by Bill Granger (Jove)
Also: TOUGH LUCK by L.A. Murray Sinclair (Pinnacle)
BLOOD INNOCENTS by Thomas H. Cook (Playboy)
LOOKING FOR GINGER NORTH by John Dunning (Fawcett).

THE HOG MURDERS by William L. deAndrea (Avon)
Also: THE KREMLIN CONSPIRACY by Sean Flannery (Charter),
VORTEX by David Heller (Avon),
THE QUEEN IS DEAD by Glen Keger (Jove),
THE INFERNAL DEVICE by Michael Kurland (NAL).

DECEIT AND DEADLY LIES by Frank Bandy (Charter)
Also: STUD GAME by David Anthony (Pocketbooks),
THE SWITCH by Elmore Leonard (Bantam),
HEARTSTONE by Philip Margolin (Pocketbooks),
CHARNEL HOUSE by Graham Masterton (Pinnacle).

THE QUARK MANEUVER by Mike Jahn (Ballantine)
Also: TIME TO MURDER AND CREATE by Lawrence Block (Dell),
THEY'VE KILLED ANNA by Marc Olden (Signet),
THE TERRORIZERS by Donald Hamilton (Gold Medal).

CONFESS, FLETCH by Gregory Mcdonald (Avon)
Also: THE CAPTIVE CITY by Daniel Da Cruz (Ballantine),
FREEZE FRAME by R.R. Irvine (Popular Library),
THE DARK SIDE by Ken Davis and John Stanley (Avon),
THE RETALIATORS by Donald Hamilton (Fawcett).

AUTOPSY by John R. Feegal (Avon)
Also: THE ASSASSINATION by David Vowell (Bantam),
THE MIDAS COFFIN by Simon Quinn (Dell),
CHARLIE'S BACK IN TOWN by Jacqueline Park (Popular Library).

THE CORPSE THAT WALKED by Roy Winsor (Fawcett)
Also: FLATS FIXED- AMONG OTHER THINGS by Don Tracey (Pocket Books),
THE GRAVEY TRAIN HIT by Curtis Stevens (Dell),
JUMP CUT by R.R. Irvine (Popular Library),
WHO KILLED MR. GARLAND'S MISTRESS? by Richard Forrest (Pinnacle).

DEATH OF AN INFORMER by Will Perry (Pyramid)
Also: THE BIG FIX by Roger L. Simon (Straight Arrow),
DEADLOCKED! by Leo P. Kelley (Fawcett-Gold Medal),
THE MEDITERRANEAN CAPER by Clive Cussler (Pyramid),
STARLING STREET by Dinah Palmtag (Dell).

THE INVADER by Richard Wormser (Gold Medal).
Also: NOT DEAD, YET by Daniel Banko (Gold Medal),
POWER KILL by Charles Runyon (Gold Medal),
THE SMITH CONSPIRACY by Richard Neely (Signet).

FOR MURDER I CHARGE MORE by Frank McAuliffe (Ballantine).
Also: THE WHITE WOLVERINE CONTRACT by Philip Atlee (Gold Medal),
SPACE FOR HIRE by William F. Nolan (Lancer Books),
NOR SPELL, NOR CHARM by Alicen White (Lancer),
AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA by Charles Williams (Signet Books).

FLASHPOINT by Dan J. Marlowe (Gold Medal)
Also: THE DROWNING by Jack Ehrlich (Pocket Books),
O.D. AT SWEET CLAUDE'S by Matt Gattzden (Belmont),
GRAVE DESCEND by John Lange (Signet),
MAFIOSO by Peter McCurtin (Belmont).

The listing was supplied by Charlie Slavin and was originally compiled by Patricia Ridgway with assistance from Edward D. Hoch and Patricia Guy.


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