New Crime & Mystery Fiction Titles From Arrow 1998 July-Sept
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New Crime & Mystery Fiction Titles From Arrow JULY-SEPT 1998

Buy at Bol Price Hilary Bonner A Passion So Deadly Pbk published September 1998 by Arrow at £5.99 ISBN: 0 7493 2550 X Artwork by: over photograph:Shenai/Millennium
When a young man is found murdered outside a Bristol hotel, he is traced to a local escort agency. But Rose Piper, the Detective Inspector in charge of the case, cannot find the woman he was on his way to meet.
In the Somerset countryside, Freddie and Constance Lange live a comfortable existence on land owned by the family for centuries. Freddie adores his wife, an ex-nurse who is indispensable to the community. But when Constance and her beloved son fall out, a darkness creeps into the heart of her family.
The two worlds of Rose Piper and Constance Lange collide in a charged story of sexual obsession and revenge.

'Welcome to a sharp new talent in crime writing' Daily Express

Hilary Bonner is a former showbusiness editor of the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mirror. She now lives in Somerset, and continues to work as a freelance journalist. She is the author of two previous novels, The Cruelty of Morning and A Fancy to Kill For

Paul Carson Scalpel Pbk published July 1998 by Arrow at £5.99 ISBN: 0 7493 2447 3 Artwork by: Jacket photograph: Graham Harris
See Review by Kelvin Mew
A killer is stalking the corridors of Dublin's Central Maternity Hospital. Only days after a young laboratory assistant is brutally murdered a new-born baby of one of Ireland's top industrialists is kidnapped. In a strange turn of events DS Kate Hamilton tries to unravel the mystery surrounding these most horrific of incidents.
'This wonderfully tense read gleefully twists and gnaws at the nerves and has a terrifying sense of 'it really could happen' about it. Superb' The Big Issue
Paul Carson is a huge new talent who has burst onto the thriller writing scene. His novel was number one on the Irish hardback best-seller lists for twenty weeks. Scalpel is set to become the international number one best-seller.

John Case The Genesis Code Pbk published August 1998 by Arrow at £5.99 ISBN: 0 09918412 5
In a remote Italian suburb, an agonised confession is given by a renowned scientist that leaves a priest in turmoil causing him to alert the Vatican authorities. Thousands of miles away in a suburb of Washington D.C. Joe Lassiter learns that his sister and her son have been victims of a vicious and unprovoked arson attack. As Lassiter picks up where the police leave off he finds a pattern emerges that leads to a shadowy organisation who acknowledge no law but their own…
Envisioning a world where sacred beliefs and modern science collide with shocking repercussions, John Case creates an electrifying thriller whose dark secret will grip every reader until the very last page. The Genesis Code will shock and astonish. It will be the most controversial novel you will read this year. You will never forget it. And you will pray it could never happen.

Still water

Buy at Bol Price John Harvey Still water Pbk published September 1998 by Arrow at £5.99 ISBN: 0749321377 Artwork by: Cover photograph: Peter Strachan

The naked body of a young woman is found floating in the still waters of an inner city canal. Not the first, nor the last. Resnick's girlfriend Hannah knew the victim well and that the husband's controlling passion for his wife could, and frequently did, result in violence. Is this a solitary incident then, or part of a wider series of murders? And what else has been simmering beneath the surface of the couples apparently normal middle-class life? As Resnick explores deeper he finds disturbing parallels between his own relationship with Hannah and that of the couple he is investigating.

Praise for John Harvey:
'As astute a chronicler of England's social canvas as any of the 'literary' novelists of the decade' Arena
'Harvey is the voice of British crime fiction in the nineties' Daily Mail
'John Harvey's Resnick novels are far and away the finest British police procedural novels yet written' GQ
'a work of unusual excellence' Marcel Berlins, The Times

John Harvey lives in London. His tenth and last book in the Resnick series, Last Rites publishes on 3rd September 1998. John Harvey also writes poetry and his second collection Bluer Than This is published in October 1998.

The Black Rubber Dress
Lauren Henderson The Black Rubber Dress Pbk published August 1998 by Arrow at £5.99 ISBN: 0 09 924432 2 Artwork by: Cover photograph: Paul Postle

Sam Jones, the sculptress turned private detective, is sexy, sarcastic and stroppy.
Sam is the sort of person who leaps at danger like she leaps at her men, who decides that a tasteful little number in black rubber is appropriate attire for the launch of her sculpture at a staid City bank. in her run-down Holloway warehouse she has just finished her latest mobile - 'Thing 111'(renamed Floating Planet by her agent) - and she is all set for its launch in the atrium of a well known City bank. However, things take a turn for the worse, and when one of the guests is murdered, Sam embarks on her own investigation.
Thrown into a social world distinctly different from her own, vodka Swigging Sam feels that she has taken on more than even she can-chew.- Surrounded by loudmouthed merchant bankers who earn obscene amounts of money, the last-thing she expects is to have a wild affair with Sebastian, also a merchant banker who drives a BMW and lives in a flat to die for in Kensington. Think of her 'street cred'! Sam is in a world not her own; and as the deaths increase she comes to realise that her own life is at risk.
Lauren Henderson is as ironic, irreverent and irresponsible as her sculptress detective, Sam Jones. The hip readers of Janet Evanovitch and Kathy Lette will find her irresistible.

Praise for Lauren Henderson:
'Sam Jones. the funkiest detective on the block' The Daily Mail
'Sam Jones is a breathless heroine of charming stubbornness. quick repartee and impulsive conduct, a lively and fresh antidote to the sometimes over serious attitudes of some of today's women of detection.' The Times
'Radiates with energy and wit. Income support with glamour and attitude.' The Evening Standard
'Camden town heroine Sam Jones really struts her stuff ... this lady has the kind of style and chutzpah of the rare kind of 'alternative' comedian who actually makes you laugh.' The Mail on Sunday

Lauren Henderson is very, much like heroine - young, urban and highly intelligent. She read English at University and then worked as a journalist for - among other publications - The Observer, The New Statesman and Marxism Today before abandoning her wild -life for some peace and quiet in Italy. Lauren: now divides her time between Italy and London and, when not eating pasta, writes full time.

The Reluctant Investigator
Frank Lean The Reluctant Investigator Pbk published July 1998 by Arrow at £5.99 ISBN: 0 7493 2180 6 Artwork by: Cover photograph: Christine Sullivan/Millenium
How much do you know about serial killers?
How much does anyone?
'When I'd said that I'd see if there was something l could dig up about Fox that hadn't already been raked over a thousand limes before, I'd been whistling in the dark. I knew no more about multiple murderers that anyone else. This is one type of crime that isn't covered in the private detective's handbook.'
The discovery had been accidental... A property repairer, working on the Fallowfield house where Billy Fox rented an attic flat, had decided to cut a few corners. While looking for a way to get out onto the rafters he found the key to the locked cupboard where Billy kept his collection of severed heads.
Billy Fox has disposed of fourteen women, and, with this gruesome evidence, it's an open-and-shut case. But when David Cunane, private investigator, is employed to research Billy's 'true life' story, he quickly concludes that nothing is as it seems.
Somebody is adding to Billy's total. Is it a new killer? Or have the Manchester police - headed by the intrepid Chief Inspector Sinclair got the wrong man?

Buy at Bol Price Ruth Rendell Road Rage Pbk published September 1998 by Arrow at £5.99 ISBN: 0099470616
See Review by Andrew Taylor - author of the highly acclaimed Roth & Lydmouth Series
See Review by Val McDermid - Gold Dagger winner & creator of Lindsay Gordon, Kate Brannigan & Tony Hill

Chris Ryan Zero Option Pbk published July 1998 by Arrow at £5.99 ISBN: 0 09924762 3

From the author of the bestselling, The One That Got Away and Stand By, Stand By comes a compelling and hard-hitting new thriller which gives an extraordinary insight into the SAS in action.
Geordie Sharp, SAS sergeant, returns following his heroic triumphs in Stand By, Stand By. Still caught in a desperate personal battle with the IRA, Sharp is ordered to undertake two top-secret missions, in the full knowledge that, if they go wrong, the authorities will deny all involvement.
The first is to liquidate an Iraqi defector in Libya. The hit team must leave no trace of their identity, dressed in Arab clothes and using Soviet weaponry they work undercover.
Returning to base, Sharp is ordered to carry out a high-level political assassination in mainland Britain. His failure will result in tragic consequences - his kidnapped four-year-old-son and his girlfriend will die at the hands of the IRA - Sharp has no option but to succeed in the mission.
Trapped between opposing forces in a fight to the death, he twists and turns through a nightmare maze, desperately seeking some way of averting tragedy. Who will be hit hardest - Geordie Sharp or the British Government?
With a frightening ring of plausibility, Zero Option is as gripping and explosive a story as we have as we have come to expect from Chris Ryan.

'Real strength in detailing the nitty-gritty of operations' Sunday Times

Chris Ryan was born in 1961 in a village near Newcastle. In 1984 he joined 22nd SAS, the regular Regiment, and completed three tours which took him to many parts of the world on operations and exercises. He also worked extensively in the counter-terrorist field, serving as an assaulter, sniper and finally Sniper Team Commander on the Special Projects team. For his escape from Iraq in January 1991 he was awarded the Military Medal. He left the SAS in 1994, and now lives with his wife and daughter in the south of England.<> His previous books are, The One That Got Away and Stand By, Stand By. His new book, The Kremlin Device will be published by Century 1998.

Bad City Blues
Tim Willocks Bad City Blues Pbk published August 1998 by Arrow at £5.99 ISBN: 0 09 918422 2 Artwork by: Design: Michael Mascaro
'Pure brilliance, thrilling and enthralling from beginning to end' The Observer
'Tim Willocks is the man. He's the best writer I've read in years... his books are so intelligent and well-written' Loaded
'Willocks has an amazing talent...At his best he reads like Mailer, Robbins, Vachss and Ellroy combined' Time Out

Tim Willocks was born in Stalybridge in Cheshire, 1957 and studied medicine at University College Hospital Medical School. He qualified in 1983 and now specialises in the treatment of addiction. He is the author of three novels, the other two being Green River Rising and Blood Stained Kings.