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State of HappinessState of Happiness
Tart NoirTart Noir
Fresh FleshFresh Flesh
Eating Cake
Singling Out the Couples
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About the Author

British Pbk Original - Virago (2004)
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When Jack and Cindy meet at a friend's party they are immediately attracted to one another. But neither could have predicted the journey they would take together over the next seven years. From New York to LA, through undisguised passion and hidden secrets, they come to realise the truth about themselves and their feelings for each other. Cindy and Jack think they have tested their love to its limits and passed with flying colours. But life has other plans, and when Cindy falls dangerously ill, they face their greatest challenge.
Heartbreaking, inspirational and beautiful, State Of Happiness captures the truth about love, and the truth about death. It is, quite simply, a tour de force.

'Duffy is known for her sharp insights and sharper wit, and both are on display here...brave, understated and unforgettable' Stephanie Cross, Daily Mail
'A fine piece of writing...[Stella Duffy is] a powerful talent...[a] tough, poignant book' Carrie O'Grady, Guardian

British Pbk Original - Pan (2002)
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Stella Duffy (Editor), Lauren Henderson (Editor)
A stunning collection of stories which offers the best of female crime writing Tart Noir writers make their own rules. Part Philip Marlowe, part femme fatale, their heroines think it is entirely possible to save the world while wearing stiletto heels. Their morals are questionable and their actions are guaranteed to shock and delight. From classic crime to magical anti-realism, hot sex to cold calculation, these stories cover all the bases. There are well loved series characters together with brand new ones, just panting for half a dozen books of their own. Stories long and short, knowing laughs and nasty glances. Some are light as air, others are downright transgressive. All are an experience you are unlikely to forget.

Paperback - Serpents Tail (2001)
First British Edition Serpents Tail (1999)
Fresh Flesh
Patrick Freeman, celebrity chef, with the legendary bad temper and the obligatory wild child wife... Chris Marquand, adopted son of wealthy parents, a successful doctor, father-to-be... Georgina Leyton, high-powered lawyer and a beautiful bitch who's as cool as they come.... Luke Godwin, owner of the hottest South London bar and a talent for scaring the life out of people with his mad rages. Four virtual strangers unwittingly bound together by a dark secret from the past. And, after all these years, it's about to blow up in their faces.
Everything was going just fine for Saz Martin and her partner Molly. It is summer in London, they're having a baby and all looks right with the world. Sat has even stopped taking on any weird and wild cases. No more danger, just easy, steady work and tucked up in bed before midnight... Yeah, right.
Fresh Flesh, Stella Duffy's latest Saz Martin thriller, is a high-paced ride across a contemporary London of glitzy offices, fancy restaurants, designer bars and damaged lives. It is also a frightening journey through the emotional ruins of the past, a tale of the sins of the fathers, and the mothers, and of the greatest theft of all.

'Cracking dialogue and exuberant characters' The Times
'Clever, cunning and careful to avoid the obvious. A real treat' Val McDermid
‘Stella Duffy’s writing gets better with each book. Her grasp of complex narrative techniques leaves the reader wondering what’s coming next’ Val McDermid
‘Packs a punch... highly recommended’ Diva
‘A distinctive author on the up slope... Duffy gives good story’ Time Out
‘Duffy’s quickfire wit is still strongly in evidence but the final emotional charge is deep and insidiously moving. A promising writer has matured into a classic’ Guardian
‘A shocking, intelligent and sympathetic thriller which, shows why modern crime fiction can be trusted to handle serious issues’ Telegraph

Buy at Eating Cake
Ever tried to have your cake and eat it? Stella Duffy's compelling new novel is the tale of one woman who does and pays the price.
Happily married with a loving husband, a comfortable home and a successful management consultancy, Lisa decides her life isn't exciting enough. She embarks on a passionate affair with her best friend's boyfriend and, when he starts to get too serious, finds fresh gratification in the arms of a woman. Then a tragedy occurs and Lisa, finally, is burnt by the fire she thought she was just playing with. With insight, depth and humour Stella Duffy portrays contemporary relationships and what, beyond sex and novelty, they need to last.

Buy at Singling Out the Couples
A sharp and vivacious satire on modern relationships.
A princess, perfect in every way except one, arrives in London from a land of milk and honey and moves into a Netting Hill tower block. Her self-appointed mission - to break up couples in love. For what she lacks is a heart. With gleeful dedication, she sets about seducing a husband-to-be, prising apart two devoted gay men, and ensnaring a contentedly married woman. But things start to go wrong: despite herself she becomes fond of one of her lovers, while back home the Queen and King have despatched her brother to intervene.

About The Author
Stella Duffy has published eight novels, four of them in the Saz Martin crime series, the fifth will be published in 2005. Her latest novel State of Happiness (Virago), was long listed for the 2004 Orange Prize. Her novels have been published in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan and the United States. With Lauren Henderson she was co-editor of the crime anthology Tart Noir, from which her story Martha Grace won the CWA Short Story Dagger in 2002. Stella has written over twenty short stories and many feature articles. She also writes for radio and theatre.
In addition to her writing work, Stella is an actor, comedian and improviser; she recently performed in Lifegame at the National Theatre with Improbable Theatre and is currently developing her new solo show Breaststrokes. Stella Duffy was born in the UK, grew up in New Zealand, and now lives in London.


N.B. dates and publishers in dark red indicate British First Editions. Dates and publishers in black indicate recent reprints.

  • Parallel Lies (Virago, 2005) Non Crime
  • Mouths of Babes (Serpents Tail, 2005)
  • State of Happiness (Virago Pbk, 2004) Non Crime Virago Jan 04
  • Tart Noir Short Stories (Pan Pbk, 2002)
  • Immaculate Conceit (Sceptre, 2000) Non Crime
  • Fresh Flesh (Serpents Tail, 1999) Serpents Tail Pbk Jan 01 (Saz Martin)
  • Eating Cake (Sceptre, 1999) Non Crime
  • Singling Out the Couples (Sceptre, 1998) Non Crime
  • Beneath The Blonde (Serpents Tail, 1997) Serpents Tail Pbk Mar 00 (Saz Martin)
  • Wavewalker (Serpents Tail, 1996) Serpents Tail Pbk Jan 01 (Saz Martin)
  • Calendar Girl (Serpents Tail, 1994) Serpents Tail Pbk Oct 99 (Saz Martin)

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