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Robin Cook
SeizureSeizure New15 Aug 03
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About the Author (Photo (c) John Earle)

New First British Edition Macmillan (2003)
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Biotechnology - a blessing or a nightmare?
What could the Shroud of Turin, a conservative senator and an entrepreneurial researcher have in common? Politics, religion and bioscience collide in the latest medical thriller form the master story-teller in this field.
Senator Ashley Butler is a quintessential Southern demagogue whose support of traditional American values includes a knee-jerk reaction against virtually all biotechnologies. When he’s called to chair a sub-committee introducing legislation to ban new cloning technology, the senator views his political future in bold relief; and Dr Daniel Lowell, inventor of the technique that will take stem cell research to the next level, sees a roadblock positioned before his biotech start-up.
These two seemingly opposite personalities clash during the senate hearings, yet the men have a common desire. Butler’s hunger for political power far outstrips his concern for the unborn; and Lowell’s pursuit of gargantuan personal wealth and celebrity overrides any considerations for patients’ well-being. Further complicating the proceedings is the confidential news that Senator Butler has developed Parkinson’s disease - leading the senator and the researcher into a Faustian pact. In a perilous attempt to prematurely harness Lowell’s new technology, the therapy leaves the senator with the horrifying effects of temporal lobe epilepsy - seizures of the most bizarre order.
Taken straight from tomorrow’s headlines, Seizure is a cautionary tale for a time when biotechnological discovery is pulling us into a promising yet frightening new world.

First British Edition Macmillan (2002)
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The world’s bestselling master of medical suspense here skilfully combines human passions and high-tech thrills in an eerie and disturbing drama that unfolds on the borders of the unknown.
In his most daring novel yet, a mysterious transmission from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean leads a crew of divers and oceanographers -to investigate a phenomenon beyond scientific understanding .
. . . And to a discovery that will permanently change everything we have previously come to know about life on this Earth.

`Manages a clever blend of science and fiction . . . frighteningly feasible’ Times
‘Leave it to doctor-turned-novelist robin Cook to scare us all to death’ Los Angeles Times
More Praise for Robin Cook’s novels:
‘Narrative energy and smoothly incorporated medical details’ New Scientist
‘A clever blend of science and fiction… on top form’ Times
‘The king of the medical thriller… Cook knows his stuff and how to build the suspense. He gets the reader hooked from start to finish’ Sunderland Echo
‘Realty is rich in mystery, twists and turns’ Manchester Evening News

Paperback - Pan (2002)
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Cutting-edge technology and personal greed converge in this spine-tingling novel of medicine run amok. Deborah Cochrane and Joanna Meissner, students and close friends, spot a campus newspaper ad that promises to solve their financial problems: an exclusive, highly profitable fertility clinic on Boston's North Shore is looking for donors. Deborah and Joanna figure they can perform a good deed in helping infertle couples, while earning some money for themselves. Although rumours surface of a fellow donor's unexplained disappearance, they remain undeterred. The procedures seem to go smoothly, but second thoughts and curiosity prompt the two women discover more. Stymied by the clinic's veil of secrecy, Deborah and Joanna obtain employment there to continue their probe. Working under aliases, they soon discover the horrifying true aims of Dr Windgate's research, immediately putting their lives - and their sanity - irrevocably at risk.

Paperback - Pan (2000)
The totally unthinkable becomes newspaper headlines in this all-too-frightening novel of bioterrorism by the bestselling master medical suspense.
New York City cab driver Yuri Davydov is a disgruntled Russian émigré poised to lash out at the adoptive nation he believes has denied him the American Dream. A former technician in the Soviet Union’s biological weapons system programme, Yuri possesses the knowledge to wreak havoc in his new home. But before he executes his planned piece de resistance of vengeance, he experiments on selected targets.
Dr Jack Stapleton and Dr Laurie Montgomery (both last encountered in Chromosome 6) begin to witness some unusual cases in their capacity as forensic pathologists in the City Medical Examiner’s office: a Greek immigrant succumbs to what at first seems a sudden overwhelming pneumonia; an obese Afro-American woman collapses with acute respiratory distress.
When an unexpected coincidence persuades Jack that these seemingly unrelated deaths are connected murders, his colleagues and superiors remain sceptical. Meanwhile Jack is taking himself deeper into deadly danger - but can he reach the heart of the puzzle before Davydov and his associates unleash into the streets of New York the ultimate terror: a modern bio-weapon?

First British Edition Macmillan (1998)
A shocking tale of bacterial poisoning and corporate malevolence - straight out of today 's worst headlines.
Recently divorced surgeon Dr Rim Reggis is determined to remain a good father to his only child, Becky. One night, he takes her to a favourite fast-food restaurant for a feast of burgers and fries - but tragedy strikes afterwards as the young girl becomes increasingly ill. She dies horrifically several days later, as a result of poisoning by E. coli bacteria.
Everything suggests that Becky's death was the result of shoddy food-handling practices, but who is likely to admit to that?
Frantic with grief and impotent rage, Rim throws all his energies into tracing the cause of the contamination. He is certainly prepared for bureaucratic indifference - but is also met with terrifying violence as powerful vested interests connive to discourage his enquiries.
Aided by his ex-wife, Rim doggedly follows a deadly trail of complicity and guilt stretching from the slaughterhouse floor to the corporate boardroom. And in a race against time, before others are poisoned, they finally come face to face with the shocking and elusive truth ... While putting their own lives in extreme danger.
With heart-pounding flair, the acknowledged master of the medical thriller again delivers a cutting-edge drama that borrows from today's fears as well as tomorrow's medical technology.

'Leave it to doctor-turned-novelist Robin Cook to scare us all to death' Los Angeles Times
'A clever blend of science and fiction… frighteningly feasible' Times

About The Author
Dr Robin Cook, a graduate of the Columbia University medical school, finished his postgraduate medical training at Harvard. He is currently on leave from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. Over the past few years, four of his novels have been produced as highly successful films for television. He now lives and works in Florida.


N.B. dates and publishers in dark red indicate British First Editions. Dates and publishers in black indicate recent reprints.

  • Seizure (Macmillan, 2003) New Aug 03
  • Abduction (Macmillan, 2002)
  • Shock (Macmillan, 2001) Pan Pbk Sep 02
  • Vector (Macmillan, 1999) Pan Pbk Aug 00
  • Toxin (Macmillan, 1998)
  • Invasion ( 1997)
  • Chromosome Six (Macmillan, 1997) Pan Pbk 1998
  • Contagion (Macmillan, 1996)
  • Acceptable Risk (Macmillan, 1995) Pan Pbk 1996
  • Terminal ( 1993)
  • Fatal Cure ( 1993)
  • Blindsight ( 1992)
  • Vital Signs ( 1991)
  • Mutation ( 1989)
  • Mortal Fear ( 1988)
  • Outbreak ( 1987)
  • Mindbend ( 1985)
  • Godplayer ( 1983)
  • Fever ( 1982)
  • Harmful Intent ( 1982)
  • Brain ( 1981)
  • Sphinx ( 1979)
  • Coma ( 1977)
  • The Year of the Intern ( 1972)

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