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Peter Lovesey
Peter Lovesey
The ReaperThe Reaper
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About the Author (Photo (c) Mike Eddowes)

Audio Tape Soundings (2000)
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The bishop’s body lies at the bottom of a quarry. In his car are a suicide note, a copy of Men Only and a Bible underlined at the text ‘. . . hath devoured thy living with harlots’. His lost phone call was to one Madame Swish.
Devoured by guilt? Or did someone help the bishop move closer to the Lord? He was last seen alive by Otis Joy, the rector of the Wiltshire village of Foxford. Adored by the ladies who fill his pews and collection plates each Sunday, the Reverend Joy had become less popular with the bishop, who had discovered irregularities in the church accounts.
Rich as the devil’s food cake at the church fete, The Reaper is a dark, delicious crime story from the award-winning Peter Lovesey.

Since leaving Drama School, Christopher Scott has worked in theatre throughout the British Isles.
It is perhaps for his radio work that he is best known, having been involved in such classics as The Lord of the Rings, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Forsythe Chronicles, as well as numerous Afternoon and Saturday Night Theatre, plays for BBC Radio Drama.
He was also heavily involved with the recording of the complete authorised King James version of the Bible.
8 Cassettes Running Time: approx. 8 hrs

About The Author
After a career in further education, Peter Lovesey became a full-time author and began his writing career with Wobble to Death in 1970, introducing Sergeant Cribb, the Victorian detective, who went on to feature in seven more books and two television series. His recent novels have alternated between two contrasting detectives: Peter Diamond, and the Victorian sleuth, Bertie. He was Chairman of the Crime Writers Association in 1991-2. He now lives near Chichester.
Peter Lovesey 's crime novels have been translated into 22 languages and 10 of them are currently under film and TV options.
Lovesey's mysteries and short stories have won him awards all over the world. He won the CWA Gold Dagger in 1982 and has won the CWA Silver Dagger three times. He is the winner of the 2000 CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger Award. In France he has been awarded the Grand Prix de littérature Policiére and the Prix du Roman d'Adventures and in the USA he has received the Anthony Award, McAvity Award, Ellery Queen Readers' Award and the Mystery Writers of America Golden Mysteries Short Story Prize.
HTV are in the final stages of script writing for a major television series on the Diamond books.


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