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Mike Ripley
Bootlegged AngelBootlegged Angel
Fresh Blood IIFresh Blood II
That Angel LookThat Angel Look
Family of AngelsFamily of Angels
Fresh BloodFresh Blood

First British Edition Constable (1999)
Paperback - Robinson (2001)
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Recently married to clothes designer, Amy May, Jack-the-lad Fitzroy Maclean Angel is supposed to be cleaning up his act. But, never one to turn down a bit of casual work, he agrees to help out the inept private eye, Veronica Blugden.
Angel's job is to go undercover and infiltrate a ring of bootleggers who are making a fortune smuggling beer in from France. He soon discovers that there are two gangs working the area, one making the trip to France and the other ruthlessly hijacking their loot-filled lorries. Animosity runs high, but when one of the consignments turns out to be a cover for smuggled drugs, things start to get violent. And when Angel's main contact is murdered it looks as if a gang war is on the cards.

Paperback - Do Not Press (1997)
Fresh Blood II
& Maxim Jakubowski (ed.)
The Second Wave... Up Close and Dangerous
The first Fresh Blood anthology celebrated the "articulate and unpredictable voices" (New York Times) Of the New Wave of British crime writers.
Fresh Blood 2 brings in a second wave of "crime writing with attitude" from some of the brightest talents of the '90s.
The mood is often dark, cruel and violent, sometimes funny, but always sharp. There are few detectives - certainly none of the conventional kind - hardly any neat moral solutions, and no bodies in any libraries.
What you get are murderers, victims, thieves, con-men, gamblers, adulterers and contract killers. Stories, with introductions from the authors, from the cream of British crime writers.
John Baker, Christopher Brookmyre, Ken Bruen, Carol Anne Davis, Christine Green, Lauren Henderson, Charles Higson,  Maxim Jakubowski, Phil Lovesey, Mike Ripley, Mary Scott, Iain Sinclair, John Tilsley, John Williams, RD Wingfield

Paperback - Do Not Press (1997)
That Angel Look
See Review by Lynda Ross
The eighth in the highly-acclaimed and award winning Angel series...
A chance encounter (in a pub, of course) lands street-wise, cab-driving Angel the ideal job as an all-purpose assistant to a trio of young and very sexy fashion designers. But things are nowhere near as straightforward as they should be and it soon becomes apparent that no-one is telling the truth - least of all Angel!
Double-cross turns to triple-cross and Angel finds himself set up by friend and enemy alike. This time, Angel could really meet his match…

First British Edition Harpercollins (1996)
Family of Angels
See Review by Liz Lees

British Pbk Original - Do Not Press (1996)
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See Review by Ralph Lees
& Jakubowski (Ed)