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Zen Omnibus
A Long Finish
Cosi Fan TuttiCosi Fan Tutti

Zen Omnibus
Three bestselling Zen titles collected in a single volume.

Ratking: Police Commissioner Aurelio Zen had crossed swords with the establishment before - and lost. But from the depths of a mundane desk job in Rome he is unexpectedly transferred to Perugia to take over an explosive kidnapping case involving one of Italy's most powerful families.
Vendetta: Inspector Zen has a problem: an impossible murder, recorded on the closed-circuit video of Oscar Burolo's top-security Sardinian fortress. As Zen goes to work, he is once again plunged into a menacing and violent world where his own life is soon at risk.
Cabal: When, one dark night in November, Prince Ludovic Ruspanti falls 150 feet to his death in the Chapel at St Peter's, Rome, Inspector Zen finds that getting answers isn't easy, as witness after witness is mysteriously silenced - by violent death. To crack the secret of the Vatican, Zen must penetrate the most secret place of all: the Cabal.

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See Review by Val McDermid - Gold Dagger winner & creator of Lindsay Gordon, Kate Brannigan & Tony Hill
See Review by Andrew Taylor - author of the highly acclaimed Roth & Lydmouth Series
After his adventures under sun-drenched Neapolitan skies in Cosi Fan Tutti, Aurelio Zen finds himself back in Rome, sneezing in a damp wine cellar and being given another unorthodox assignment: to release the jailed scion of an important wine-growing family who is accused of a brutal murder.
Zen travels north to an Italy as outwardly serene as Naples was manic. Amid the quiet fields, autumn al skies and crumbling farmhouses of Piedmont, Zen must try to penetrate a traditional culture in which family and soil are inextricably linked. Here secrets can last for generations, and have a finish as long and lingering as that of a good Barbaresco. Zen must also face up to the mysteries from his own past, as well as grapple with the greed, envy, hatred and love that are the human components of any landscape.

Time Out has said Aurelio Zen 'is among the most engaging of fictive policemen.
'Michael Dibdin is an absolutely sensational writer.' The Scotsman

Paperback - Faber & Faber (1997)
Cosi Fan Tutti
See Review by Val McDermid - Gold Dagger winner & creator of Lindsay Gordon, Kate Brannigan & Tony Hill
In this, the fifth book in the acclaimed Zen series, Aurelio Zen finds himself in Naples, in disgrace - and having the time of his life. Like the rest of Italy, Naples is concerned about its image and trying to clean up its act. Unfortunately it seems that someone is taking this rather too literally. Corrupt politicians, shady businessmen and eminent mafiosi are disappearing off the streets at an alarming rate. This is all very tedious for Zen, whose commitment to his work is at an all-time low. He would far rather amuse himself by sorting out the romantic entanglements of his landlady's nubile daughters and putting the fidelity of their unsuitable lovers to the test. In this chilling new thriller Michael Dibdin once again 'reminds us how short-changed we often are by lesser practitioners of the genre.' Independent on Sunday
'Dibdin has consummate skill' Mail on Sunday 'As always, Dibdin's work is a delight, containing as it does stylish writing, urbane dialogue and a delicious harping on matters not usually considered in thriller fiction.' Irish Times 'Dibdin moves from lyricism to comedy with deceptive ease, as does the city he evokes rather than describes, and the whole thing is a feast of imagination... This is a romance as much as a mystery - light, dreamlike, funny and clever.' Mail on Sunday 'The whole confection is a succession of titillating delights.' Gerald Kaufman, Daily Telegraph 'Elegantly written, subtle and highly intelligent.' Evening Standard