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Margaret Yorke
Cause for Concern
A Case To AnswerA Case To Answer
The Price of GuiltThe Price of Guilt
False PretencesFalse Pretences
Act of ViolenceAct of Violence
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About the Author (Photo (c) Jerry Bauer)

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Susan Trent is in her 60s, the owner of a good-sized house in a prosperous village with a job which keeps her active. She ought to be well-satisfied with her lot; instead she lives in terror of her abusive son. The arrival of a lodger triggers a series of events revealing why she has protected him.


Paperback - Warner (2002)
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The day that Jerry Hunt met Charlotte Frost was the day he decided to go straight. Jerry had been running a successful scam with his friend Pete - Jerry sweet talking the householder at the front door, Pete breaking in at the back - but something in Charlotte’s smile made him take stock of his activities. He’d been to prison once and, Jerry decided, he wasn’t going to go there again.
In many ways, Charlotte too would like to pull away from her past. Widowed after two years of marriage to her second husband, his mistrustful family are still imposing on her, and when Imogen Frost’s parents separate, the troubled girl is sent to stay with her. By chance, Imogen meets Jerry and persuades Charlotte to let him renovate her garden. Slowly, past lies and previous deceits begin to unravel, and on a night none of them will ever forgot, Charlotte disappears . . .

'Margaret Yorke knows all about human weaknesses and follies, vanities and ambitions, as well as about that rarer phenomenon, real, unadulterated evil.' Susan Hill

Paperback - Warner (2000)
First British Edition Little,Brown (1999)
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Recipient of the 1999 CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger Award
Journalist Andrew Sherwood has a keen nose for a story, so when he meets an obviously frightened woman twice on the same day, and witnesses an assault on her by vandals on a train, it is not solely a sense of responsibility for her welfare that makes him curious to find out more about her. Then she disappears.
Indeed, while recovering from what could have been a fatal road accident, Louise Widdows is on the run, from a tyrannical husband with a shady past who has recently left home without warning or explanation, and who could, she fears, return at any time. But miraculously, she has been handed the perfect opportunity to abandon her miserable marriage. Tenants have vacated a cottage owned by Louise's mother, who has died, and now it is hers. She sets about her escape, covering her tracks in case Colin, her husband, tries to find her.
Safely ensconced in her new home, and eventually befriended by Andrew and his young son, Nicky, Louise experiences the freedom and independence so long denied. Recently separated from his wife, Andrew is struggling to secure a new existence for both himself and his son, and he understands that courage is required to begin again. While Louise sees him as the son she never knew, he is drawn to her by the mystery of her sudden flight and the secret he suspects she is hiding.
The past is not easily discarded, however, and Louise gradually realises that her husband may be more dangerous than she had thought. As Colin's history catches up with him, he is intent on tying up all loose ends…

From reviews of Margaret Yorke's previous novels:
'Her expert dissection of village life reveals a society uneasy with itself as new forces encroach upon tradition. This is a compelling and unsettling read' Carla McKay, Daily Mail
'The mistress of the skilfully spun suspense novel… her quiet, unemphatic style of narrative makes the story a compelling read' Sunday Times
'Another contemporary masterpiece from Margaret Yorke' The Lady
'A perceptive explorer of the hidden dramas and criminal currents beneath the surface of everyday life in Britain today' James Melville
'Wholly and distressingly believable' TLS
‘Margaret Yorke's talent for scratching below the placid surface of people and places to reveal anguish and wickedness is matchless.’ The Times

First British Edition Little,Brown (1998)
Paperback - Warner (1999)
False Pretences
Isabel had not seen her god-daughter, Emily, for years. Arrested during an anti-roads protest in the West Country, Isabel feels duty-bound to help her out of trouble.
She is shocked when she meets Emily at the police station. She had not expected the small fair-haired child to have turned into an overweight, shaven-headed young woman. Emily belies her unkempt appearance by helping Isabel around the house, and unwilling to remain idle, soon finds a job as a nanny.
Her charge is Rowena, an illegitimate child born to Alice, the over-protected daughter of elderly parents, who had fallen for the easy charms of a builder called Godfrey.
Isabel's god-daughter settles down easily in her new job, and has even made friends with another stranger to the village. His interest in Rowena and her family, however, disguises his real motive for wanting to get close to the family.
Danger lurks beneath the placid surface of all their lives, and it seems no one will be immune to the consequences.
Margaret Yorke once again reveals her steely prowess at unmasking a dark plot beneath the veneer of respectability.

'Yorke has an extraordinary feel for the passions that lurk beneath unremarkable façades' Sunday Times

First British Edition Little,Brown (1997)
Act of Violence
The quiet market town of Mickleburgh knows very little serious crime, and local solicitor Oliver Foxton's days are occupied with wills, conveyancing, and the occasional drunk and disorderly. The outlying villages of Winbury, where he lives with wife Sarah, and Deerton, home of their friends the Stewarts, seem like rural havens.
So when four local schoolboys go on the rampage in Deerton and commit an astonishingly needless act of violence, the lives of the Foxtons and the Stewarts are shattered. Attempting to come to terms with what has happened to his friends, Oliver immerses himself in the renovation of an old dolls' house belonging to his friend prudence Wilmot, a local author, but finds that the doll inhabitants increasingly become a symbol of his own troubled marriage and the tensions the tragedy has sparked within it.
Meanwhile, the schoolboys who merely witnessed the violence come under pressure from their parents and the police to name the guilty party, and they must wrestle with both misguided loyalty and a fear of reprisals, as gradually the police build their case. And all the time another hidden menace lurks in the background, as a released murderer, living near by, is enthralled by the crime - and, practising as a counsellor, stands poised to offer help…
Unblinkingly addressing the issues of today, Margaret Yorke has written a novel of chilling realism and once more proved herself the mistress of suspense.

About The Author
Margaret Yorke was born in Surrey, but lived in Dublin until 1937, before moving back to England. During the war, she served in the Woman's Royal Naval Service as a driver. She then worked in the libraries of two Oxford colleges, the first woman ever to work in Christ Church library. A campaigner for Public Lending Rights for authors in Britain, she was also chairman of the Crime Writers' Association between 1979 and 1980.
Her first novel was published in 1957, but after eleven `problem' novels, she turned to the subject of crime with Dead in the Morning which was published in 1970. With No Medals for the Major (1974), she began writing novels of suspense, which include The Point of Murder, Serious Intent and, most recently, Act of Violence.
In 1982, she won the Swedish Academy Detection award for the best translated novel, The Scent of Fear. Her books are translated and published in 16 countries, including the United States and the Czech Republic. In 1993, she won the Golden Handcuffs award which is given in recognition of the popularity of the country's leading crime writer within the library service and to its borrowers.
She lives in a small village in Buckinghamshire.


N.B. dates and publishers in dark red indicate British First Editions. Dates and publishers in black indicate recent reprints.

  • Cause for Concern (Little,Brown, 2001)
  • A Case To Answer (Little,Brown, 2000) Warner Pbk Jan 02
  • The Price of Guilt (Little,Brown, 1999) Warner Pbk Oct 00
  • False Pretences (Little,Brown, 1998) Warner Pbk May 99
  • Act of Violence (Little,Brown, 1997) Warner Pbk 1998
  • A Question of Belief (Little,Brown, 1996)
  • Serious Intent (Little,Brown, 1995)
  • Almost the Truth (Little,Brown, 1994) Warner Pbk 1995
  • Dangerous to Know (Hutchinson, 1993)
  • Criminal Damage (Century Hutchinson, 1992)
  • A Small Deceit (Hutchinson, 1991)
  • Admit to Murder (Mysterious Press, 1990)
  • Crime in Question (Mysterious Press, 1989)
  • Speak for the Dead (Mysterious Press, 1988) Warner Pbk 1998
  • Evidence to Destroy (Hutchinson, 1987)
  • Safely to the Grave (Hutchinson, 1986)
  • Intimate Kill (Hutchinson, 1985) Warner Pbk Dec 99
  • The Smooth Face of Evil (Hutchinson, 1984)
  • Find Me a Villain (Hutchinson, 1983) Warner Pbk Feb 00
  • Devil's Work (Hutchinson, 1982)
  • The Hand of Death (Hutchinson, 1981) Warner Pbk Jan 01
  • The Scent of Fear (Hutchinson, 1980)
  • Death on Account (Hutchinson, 1979)
  • The Point of Murder (Hutchinson, 1978) (as The Come-On in America)
  • The Cost of Silence (Hutchinson, 1977)
  • Cast for Death (Hutchinson, 1976) ( Dr. Patrick Grant)
  • The Small Hours of the Morning (Bles, 1975)
  • Mortal Remains (Bles, 1974) ( Dr. Patrick Grant)
  • No Medals for the Major (Bles, 1974)
  • Grave Matters (Bles, 1973) ( Dr. Patrick Grant)
  • Silent Witness (Bles, 1972) ( Dr. Patrick Grant)
  • Dead in the Morning (Bles, 1970) ( Dr. Patrick Grant)
  • The Limbo Ladies (Hurst & Blackett, 1969)
  • The Apricot Bed (Hurst & Blackett, 1968)
  • No Fury (Hurst & Blackett, 1967)
  • Full Circle (Hurst & Blackett, 1965)
  • The Birthday (Hurst & Blackett, 1963)
  • Once a Stranger (Hurst & Blackett, 1962)
  • The China Doll (Robert Hale, 1961)
  • Deceiving Mirror (Robert Hale, 1960)
  • Christopher (Robert Hale, 1959)
  • Pray, Love, Remember (Robert Hale, 1958)
  • Summer Flight (Robert Hale, 1957)
  • Pieces of Justice Short Stories (Little,Brown)

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