Elizabeth Ferrars
The Lying Voices Hodder & Stoughton Coronet Pbk (0 340 64055 3) 4.99 --- Out on 21st March. See Review
Justin Emery hasn't seen his friend Grace DeLong for six years. And when he does, his visit coincides with murder.
Arnold Thaine is found shot dead in the studio attached to his house. Shot three times, the forth bullet embedded in one of his many clocks.
Who had a motive to kill Thaine? Was it the woman in the brown mackintosh, or the woman in the scarlet coat? Both were seen leaving the studio on that afternoon. Or was it someone else entirely? If only the clocks had been set correctly, the time of his death could provide a vital clue to the killer's identity.
What began as a trip down memory lane for Justin and Grace becomes a twisted and cryptic investigation into an apparently motive-less murder.
"There are few detective story writers as consistently good as Miss Ferrars" The Sunday Times
"Her great virtue, exceeding even her meatily logical plotting and gift for hitting often on intriguing situations, is her portrayal of people"The Sunday Times

Enough to Kill a Horse
Constable November 1995
Elizabeth Ferrars needs no introduction to crime fiction readers. She has delighted them with over seventy books. Enough to Kill a Horse, first published in 1955, is one of her best. Not only has it a very clever plot, but it displays the firmly delineated setting and detached amusement in the characterisation which readers have come to expect from an author who has been described as the closest of all to the great Agatha Christie in style, plotting and general milieu.