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Clive Barker
AbaratAbarat New23 Sep 02
The Essential Clive BarkerThe Essential Clive Barker
The Thief of AlwaysThe Thief of Always
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About the Author (Photo by David Armstrong)

New First British Edition HarperCollins (2002)
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Once upon a world
where time is place
a journey beyond imagination
is about to unfold ....
It begins in the most boring place in the world: Chickentown, U.S.A. There lives Candy Quackenbush, her heart bursting for some clue as to what her future might hold.
When the answer comes, it’s not one she expects. Out of nowhere comes a wave, and Candy, led by a man called John Mischief (whose brothers live on the horns on his head), leaps into the surging waters and is carried away.
Where? To the ABARAT: a vast archipelago where every island is a different hour of the day, from The Great Head that sits in the mysterious twilight waters of Eight in the Evening, to the sunlit wonders of Three in the Afternoon, where dragons roam, to the dark terrors of Gorgossium, the island of Midnight, ruled over by the Prince of Midnight himself, Christopher Carrion.
As Candy journeys from one amazing place to another, making fast friends and encountering trecherous foes - mechanical bugs and giant moths, miraculous cats and men made of mud, a murderous wizard and his terrified slave - she begins to realize something. She has been here before.
Candy has a place in this extraordinary world: she is here to help save the Abarat from the dark forces that are stirring at its heart. Forces older than Time itself, and more evil than anything Candy has ever encountered.
She’s a strange heroine, she knows. But this is a strange world.
And in the Abarat, all things are possible.

British Pbk Original - HarperCollins (2000)
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Foreword by Armistead Maupin
In these stories, the real and the miraculous are always found within a breath of one another. Imagined landscapes spring up in inner city London, or the Yorkshire moors; the magical tribes of Barker's creation, the Seerkind and the Nightbreed, rub shoulders with shopgirls and refugees from post-war Warsaw. Life gives way to death, and vice versa; doorways open into other states of existence, and each doorway leads us back into the heart of our own dreams and fears.
The Essential Clive Barker is a treasurehouse of fiction, containing over seventy excerpts from novels, plays, and four full-length short stories, all personally selected by the author and accompanied by a series of fascinating and revealing introductions. It represents a vigorous and flourishing writing career that spans more than twenty years of work, and offers a privileged insight into a remarkable writer and his art.

'A powerful and fascinating writer with a brilliant imagination... An outstanding storyteller' J. G Ballard
'Clive Barker is a mapmaker of the mind, charting the furthest reaches of the imagination' The Washington Times
'Barker's fecundity of imagination is beyond praise' Mail on Sunday
'Clive barker is a magician of the first order' New York Daily News
'Clive barker is so good that I am literally tongue-tied' Stephen King

Paperback - HarperCollins (1999)
Every family has its secrets
The Gearys are no exception. As rich as the Rockefellers, as glamorous as the Kennedys, the Geary dynasty has held subtle sway over American life since the Civil War, brilliantly concealing the depths of its corruption and its bitter feud with the ethereal Barbarossas. All that is about to change. When the prodigal prince of the Barbarossa clan, Galilee, falls in love with newly wedded Rachel Geary, the pent-up loathing between the families erupts in a mutually destructive frenzy.
Galilee is a massive tale that delves into America's dark heart with the grand metaphysical vision which has become Clive Barker's trademark.

'Galilee leaps through time and space to reveal an impressively majestic vision told in beautiful prose. Bottom line: a fantastic, engrossing war of the worlds.' People Magazine
'A powerful and fascinating writer with a brilliant imagination... an outstanding storyteller.' JG Ballard

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Five years ago, in his bestseller The Great and Secret Show, Clive Barker mesmerised millions of readers worldwide with an extraordinary vision of human passions and possibilities. Welcome to a new volume in that epic adventure. Welcome to Everville.
On a mountain peak, high above the city of Everville, a door stands open: a door that opens onto the shores of the dreamsea Quiddity. And there's not a soul below who'll not be changed by that fact…
Phoebe Cobb is about to forget her old life and go looking for her lost lover Joe Flicker in the world on the other side of that door; a strange, sensual wonderland the likes of which only Barker could make real.
Tesla Bombeck who knows what horrors lurk on the far side of Quiddity, must solve the mysteries of the city's past if she is to keep those horrors from crossing the threshold.
Harry D'Amour, who has tracked the ultimate evil across America, will find it conjuring atrocities in the sunlit streets of Everville.
Step into Everville's streets, and enter a world like no other...

'Clive Barker is so good I am almost tongue-tied. What Barker does makes the rest of us look like we've been asleep for the last ten years... His stories are compulsorily readable and original. He is an important, exciting and enormously saleable writer.' Stephen King
First British Edition HarperCollins (1992)
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Mr Hood’s Holiday House has stood for a thousand years, welcoming countless children into its embrace. It is a place of miracles, a blissful round of treats and seasons, where every childish whim may be satisfied…
There is a price to be paid, of course, but young Harvey Swick, bored with his life and beguiled by Mr Hood’s wonders, does not stop to consider the consequences. It is only when the House shows its darker face – when Harvey discovers the pitiful creatures that dwell in its shadow – that he comes to doubt Mr Hood’s philanthropy.
The House and its mysterious architect are not about to release their captive without a battle however. Mr Hood had ambitions for his new guest, for Harvey’s soul burns brighter than any soul he has encountered in a thousand years…

About The Author
Clive Barker was born in Liverpool in 1952. He is the best-selling author of eighteen books, including his first book for children, The Thief Of Always. He is also an acclaimed artist, film producer, and director. For four years Mr. Barker has been working on a vast array of paintings to illuminate the text of The Books of Abarat, over one hundred of which can be found within this first volume.
Mr. Barker lives in California with his partner, the photographer David Armstrong, and their daughter, Nicole. They share their house with four dogs, five goldfish, a parrot, fifteen rats, innumerable wild geckoes, a cockatiel, and a parrot called Malingo.

In the language of the fantastic, doorways present the reader with passage into other worlds. . . other states of mind. But the experience isn’t completely remote from us, is it? We’ve all crossed a threshold or turned a comer and come upon some revelation that has changed our lives’ from The Essential Clive Barker
Visionary. Fantasist. Poet. Raconteur. No one word is adequate to describe Clive Barker, who for more than 25 years has expanded the reaches of human imagination as a novelist, director, screenwriter, dramatist and artist.
An inveterate seeker, Barker traverses between styles with ease, from lucid dreamscapes to grim horror to existential drama to balls-out erotica. Currently he is working on the most ambitious project of his career, The Abarat Quartet, a Narnia-style fantasy/adventure that is being painted into existence as a series of oils, currently numbering 350. What began as Barker’s quest for untapped imaginings will result in a quartet of novels - the rights to which were purchased by Disney - as well as films, television, art exhibits, theatre and music.
The first book of this spellbinding quartet is published in September 2002.
Abarat is an archipelago of twenty-five magical islands, which is a different hour of the day. Meet Candy Quackenbush, a girl from Minnesota who crosses by accident from our world into Abarat and discovers she has been there many times before.
Barker also has a hand in a range of projects that reflect his grasp of the creative potential in contemporary media. Some arise from familiar literary terrain; others are evolving out of his Seraphim Films, a diverse company with a uniquely progressive vision. They include: • Damnation Game, a film adaptation of Barker’s award-winning novel, is being scripted by John Heffernan (Snakes on a Plane), with Seraphim Films and Phoenix Pictures co-producing for Warner Bros.
Saint Sinner, an original two-hour movie written by Doris Egan (Smallville) for the Sci-Fi Channel, is set to begin production in late April.
Weaveworld, a six-hour Showtime/Hallmark co-production based on Barker’s bestselling epic, is in development with the largest budget ever for a Showtime original mini-series.
Clive Barker’s Tortured Souls: Fallen part of a toy series designed and produced by Barker and Todd McFarlane Toys (Spawn), the world’s leading toy manufacturer, will be on sale from July.
Bloody Mary, an original thriller co-produced by Seraphim and Touchstone Pictures, is being scripted by Silvio Horta (Urban Legends).
• A DVD featuring Barker’s paintings and original music composed by Jonathon David of KORN and Richard Gibbs of Oingo Boingo, is currently in production with Sony Music.
• A line of Clive Barker Halloween products - including masks, t-shirts, costumes and puppets - is in development.
Barker’s past achievements are as eclectic as his current slate. In 1998 he executive produced Bill Condon’s Gods and Monsters, a lyrical account of gay horror director James Whale that garnered three Academy Award nominations, including Best Actor for Ian McKellan and Best Supporting Actress for Lynn Redgrave. It went on to win the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. The following year, Barker joined such illustrious authors as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Annie Dillard and Aldous Huxley when his collection of literary works was reissued as a Flamingo Classic at HarperCollins. At the same time, HarperCollins published The Essential Clive Barker, a 700-page anthology of selected fiction with an introduction by Armistead Maupin.
At its core, Barker’s work shows an unswerving commitment to spinning a good yam. He began his artistic odyssey in the London theatre, scripting original plays for his group The Dog Company. These works, including ‘The History of the Devil,’ ‘Frankenstein in Love’ and ‘Colossus,’ were published in two compendiums entitled Incarnations and Forms of Heaven in 1995 and 1996.
It wasn’t long before Barker began publishing short fiction in such collections as The Books of Blood Volumes 1-3 and The Books of Blood, Volumes 4-6 (re-titled in the U.S. as The Inhuman Condition, In the Flesh and Cabal). But it was his debut novel, The Damnation Game - a modern reworking of the Faustian myth - that really put Barker on the literary map and widened his growing international audience.
At the height of his literary fame, Barker shifted gears yet again when he directed Hellraiser, a stylish horror film based on his novella The Hellbound Heart. Now a veritable cult classic, Hellraiser spawned five movie sequels, several lines of comic books and an extensive array of merchandising, and was followed in 1990 by Nightbreed, which Barker adapted and directed from his short story ‘Cabal.’
Barker continued to make his mark in the feature arena, executive producing the housing-project horror story Candyman, adapted and directed by Bernard Rose from Barker’s short story ‘The Forbidden,’ as well as its sequel, Candyman 2: Farewell To The Flesh. Barker returned to directing in 1995 with Lord Of Illusions, a noir-esque detective tale starring Scott Bakula and Famke Janssen.
As a writer, Barker persisted in defying expectation, winning a new generation of fans with such bestselling fantasies as Weaveworld, Imajica, Everville, Sacrament, Galilee and most recently, the Hollywood ghost story, Coldheart Canyon, which will be published in paperback in October 2002. He made his first foray into children’s literature with the acclaimed illustrated fable The Thief of Always. That was followed by Clive Barker’s A-Z of Horror, an encyclopedic tour of his artistic inspirations, drawn from literature, art and film.
As much a visualist as a wordsmith, Barker frequently turns to the canvas to fuel his imagination. His neo-expressionist paintings have been showcased in two large format books - Clive Barker, Illustrator, Volumes I and II - as well as in sellout exhibitions across America.
Ultimately, what lends Barker’s work its strength, what returns audiences again and again to his alchemical world, is a generosity of spirit, an ecumenical belief in our collective unconscious.
‘We make stories of our own, in fevered and envious imitation of our Maker, hoping that we’ll tell, by chance, what God left untold. And finishing our tale, come to understand why we were born.’ From Sacrement


N.B. dates and publishers in dark red indicate British First Editions. Dates and publishers in black indicate recent reprints.

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  • Cold Heart Canyon ( 2001)
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  • Forms of Heaven ( 1996)
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  • Imajica: The Reconciliation ( 1995)
  • Incarnations ( 1995)
  • Imajica: The Fifth Domination ( 1995)
  • Everville ( 1994)
  • The Thief of Always (HarperCollins, 1992)
  • Imajica ( 1991)
  • The Great and Secret Show ( 1989)
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  • Books of Blood Omnibus 1 Vols 1-3 (Sphere, 1988)
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  • The Inhuman Condition ( 1986)
  • In the Flesh ( 1986)
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  • The Damnation Game (Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1985)
  • Books of Blood Volume 3 (Sphere, 1984)
  • Books of Blood Volume 2 (Sphere, 1984)
  • Books of Blood Volume 1 (Sphere, 1981)

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