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Barbara Nadel
Last RightsLast Rights New13 Jun 05
Deep WatersDeep Waters
'Last Rights’ - another take on the Blitz? Babara talks to Tangled Web about the influences on her new novel. New Jun 05
Barbara Nadel's İstanbul
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New First British Edition Headline (2005)
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A new series from the creator of Inspector Cetin Ikmen
October 1940. The London borough of West Ham is in the grip of yet another night of bombing, and undertaker Francis Hancock is in the grip of yet another night of temporary insanity.
A veteran of World War One, Francis is forced by the nightly air raids to relive the trauma of the trenches, and all he can do is try to outrun the horrific flashbacks. So when he sees a man lurching through the rubble, screaming about being stabbed but with no visible wound, Francis dismisses it as the ravings of another lost soul... until the man’s body turns up at his funeral parlour, two days later.
Suspecting foul play, Francis feels compelled to discover what really happened that night - but as he finds himself pitted against violent thugs, an impenetrable network of lies and his own fragile sanity, he realises that there are people who want the truth to stay dead and buried.
This is Francis Hancock’s first foray into the world of detecting but, unless he can get to the truth before they get to him, it could also be his last...

Praise for Barbara Nadel
`Gripping and highly recommended’ Time Out
`Exciting, accomplished and original’ Literary Review
`Barbara Nadel continues to go from strength to strength... one of the most original crime series currently in progress’ Crime Time
`As before Nadel presents a gallery of richly created characters along with the superb scene-setting we have come to expect from her’ Good Book Guide
`Really refreshing to encounter something so idiosyncratic and evocative’ The Times
`A bewitching style’ Scotsman
`Unusual and very well written’ Sunday Telegraph

First British Edition Headline (2004)
Paperback - Headline (2004)
Buy at Petrified
Dark obsessions and a curiously perfect corpse surface in Istanbul
Summer in Istanbul is hot. The kind of heat that drives even the sanest of people to act a little strangely and, for Cetin Ikmen, this summer is no different...
An elderly woman is found dead in a flat with the perfectly preserved body of a young man. In an ancient part of the Jewish quarter, two children are missing. Their father, an artist whose genius borders on insanity, only seems more driven in his work. And a raid on a Russian gangster yields nothing except the dead body of a girl he claims is his daughter. Could the connection to all cases lie in a macabre forgotten art?
But Ikmen’s worries aren’t just work-related. His protégé, Suleyman, is going dangerously off the rails, threatening to compromise not just himself but months of painstaking investigation. Ikmen needs to act. But there’s not much to go on and with little more than his sixth sense telling him something is most definitely wrong, he faces an investigation which threatens to rock the very fabric of Turkish society.

‘Inspector Cetin Ikmen is a detective up there with Morse, Rebus and Wexford. Harem is the fifth in the series, and the most compelling to date... Gripping and highly recommended’ Time Out
'Intelligent and captivating… recalls Michael Dibdin's Aurelio Zen series' The Sunday Times
‘The delight of the Nadel book is the sense of being taken beneath the surface of an ancient city which most visitors see for a few days at most. We look into the alleyways and curious dark quarters of Istanbul, full of complex characters and louche atmosphere’ Independent
`Really refreshing to encounter something as idiosyncratic and evocative-as Barbara Nadel’s Istanbul-set thriller’ The Times
`Unusual and very well-written’ Sunday Telegraph
`Intriguing, exotic ... exciting, accomplished and original’ Literary Review
`Even better than Nadel’s extraordinary first book. The narrative is more tightly organised and the dark, Byzantine plot springs organically from the tensions of race and class in Turkish society, which is treated with a depth and detail unusual in a crime novel’ Evening Standard
`A bewitching style... a story that carries the reader forward willingly along until the well-sprung denouement’ Scotsman
`My reader rates this author higher than Donna Leon’ Bookseller

Paperback - Headline (2003)
First British Edition Headline (2003)
Buy at Harem
The body of a teenage girl is discovered in a cistern deep below the city of Istanbul. For the Turkish police force’s most idiosyncratic and talented officer, Cetin Ikmen, this is a difficult case. The girl was his daughter’s friend and her attire, that of a nineteenth-century Ottoman, offers no easy explanation.
With his promise of justice to the dead girl’s mother still fresh on his lips, Ikmen is taken off the case. He’s reassigned to the kidnapping of an ageing movie star’s wife. The star is hiding something and so, Ikmen fears, are his superiors. A powerful secret exists in the labyrinthine city, one which those on either side of the law will do anything to prevent escaping. But for Ikmen, there’s no choice, only the truth. Barbara Nadel’s novels have received outstanding praise for her creation of an unforgettably original detective, Inspector Ikmen, and for their vivid and engaging portrayal of an endlessly enthralling and complex city, as full of surprises as Ikmen himself.

First British Edition Headline (2002)
Paperback - Headline (2002)
Buy at Deep Waters
The Donna Leon of Istanbul.
On a foggy night, by the banks of the Bosphorus, a man’s body is dumped, his head almost severed from his body. His identity card names him as Rifat Berisha, a twenty-five-year-old Albanian. His family, which has been resident in Turkey for some time, is stoic and impenetrable. But when Inspector Ikmen, whose mother was Albanian, consults his cousin, Samsun, he’s left in little doubt as to the likely cause of the young man’s death. For the Berishas are embroiled in an implacable blood feud with a rival clan, the conduct of which is governed by an extraordinary written code which dictates that spilt blood must be avenged, come what may. And, as Samsun points out, if either of the warring clans discovers who Ikmen’s mother was, he himself will be pulled into this most ancient and primitive of vendettas.
Determined not to be swayed by Samsun’s assumptions, battling against the personal implications of the Berisha murder, Ikmen finds himself embarking on a harrowing journey into his own past, in which he is forced to confront his Albanian heritage, and what the death of his magical, passionate and ultimately mysterious mother really meant.
Moving, intricate and fascinating in its depiction of captivating city and its myriad races, Barbara Nadel’s new novel is a powerful portrayal of tradition, culture and their potentially violent impact on the lives of individuals.

‘A thriller that presents a Middle Eastern city populated by human beings, rather than specimens of oriental exotica, and a British writer who can get inside a foreign skin’ Independent
`Intriguing, exotic ...exciting, accomplished and original’ Literary Review
'Intelligent and captivating… recalls Michael Dibdin's Aurelio Zen' Sunday Times

Paperback - Headline (2001)
First British Edition Headline (2001)
Buy at Arabesk
As a scion of one of Turkey’s most aristocratic families, Inspector Suleyman is unfamiliar with the raucous, plebeian world of Arabesk music. So when the peasant wife of one of its most popular young stars, Erol Urfa, is found murdered in a plush Istanbul apartment, Suleyman knows he is floundering hopelessly out of his depth. Why did Erol have a secret wife, whom he barely seemed to visit, when his relationship with the chanteuse Tansu was so well known? And what has happened to the child who was with her murdered mother but has now disappeared from the flat? Erol, distracted by anxiety for his missing daughter, is little help and interrogating Suleyman’s only real suspect, a Down’s syndrome man who lives with his elderly parents in the adjacent flat, is fraught with difficulties.
Suleyman’s mentor, Inspector Ikmen, currently languishing on sick leave, knows slightly more than Suleyman about the overblown world in which his protégé now finds himself, for his wife is something of a fan of Arabesk’s laments of pain and passion. But even Ikmen is taken aback by Tansu, Erol’s ageing girlfriend, a manipulative monster of vulgar rapacity that not even the slums of Karakoy, where the ancient bathhouse-keeper Madame Kleopatra now lies dying, could rival...
Barbara Nadel’s first novel, Belshazzar’s Daughter, was selected by four national newspapers as the best crime debut of the year. Arabesk, her third novel, is a portrait of an irresistible city fraught with the complicated ambiguities of history, as well as a powerful study of the depths to which individuals will sink to pursue their own desires.

`A bewitching style ...a story that carries the reader willingly along until the well-sprung denouement’ Gerald Kaufman, Scotsman
`The delight of Nadel’s Ikmen books is the sense of being taken beneath the surface of an ancient city which most visitors see for a few days at most’ Independent
`A first-rate author’ Good Housekeeping
'The Istanbul atmosphere is as thick as Turkish coffee and the novel is crammed with fascinating information.' Evening Standard
'Particularly interesting for its discussion of Turkish customs and beliefs' Sunday Telegraph
'Barbara Nadel continues to go from strength to strength with her atmospheric and idiosyncratic Istanbul set thrillers... one of the most original crime series currently in progress' Crime Time
'As before Nadel presents a gallery of richly created characters along with the superb scene-setting we have come to expect from her' The Good Book Guide

About The Author
Trained as an actress, Barbara Nadel is now a full time writer. She has worked as a public relations officer for the National Schizophrenia Fellowship’s Good Companions Project and a mental health advocate in a psychiatric hospital. She has also worked with sexually abused teenagers and taught psychology in both schools and colleges. Although no longer working in mental health, she is still passionate about the rights of those with mental health problems and is the patron of a mental health charity in Shrewsbury. Born in the East End of London, she has been a regular visitor to Turkey for over twenty years.


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