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Anne Perry
Southampton RowSouthampton Row
The Whitechapel ConspiracyThe Whitechapel Conspiracy
A Funeral in BlueA Funeral in Blue
The One Thing MoreThe One Thing More
Slaves and ObsessionSlaves and Obsession
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About the Author (Photo (c) Sheila Burnett)

First British Edition Headline (2002)
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It’s 1892, and an election is just days away. With Lord Salisbury’s future looking uncertain, the political climate is perfect for an evil man with selfish ambitions to put himself forward as a Tory candidate. That man is Charles Voisey, whom Thomas Pitt recently defeated.
Despite being thanked by green Victoria herself for the courage and loyalty he showed in the Whitechapel case, Pitt has been demoted from his position as Superintendent of Bow Street police to work in Special Branch: a mark of revenge by the Inner Circle. And now, Pitt’s first case is to obtain every piece of information he can that might stop Voisey winning his Tory seat and beginning the climb to a power which would corrupt the justiciary of the land.
Within hours of beginner his investigation into Voisey’s affairs, Pitt is commanded by his superior to go to Southampton Row, where the murder of a famous medium, Maude Lament, has been reported, Totally bewildered as to why this should be related to his task with Special Branch, Pitt arrives at the house. The murder was grotesque – and personal. Who were Maude Lamont’s clients the night she died? Who had she claimed to call up from the past? And what had they revealed that had ended in murder?
As a link is revealed between the spiritualist and the political figures Pitt is investigating, the whispers of scandal, violence and assault grow louder. And with his wife, Charlotte, hiding for safety with their children in the country, Pitt must turn to his sister-in-law Emily for help is solving one of his most high profile cases yet…

'Like reading Thackeray edited by Elmore Leonard' Booklist
'The author has the eyes of a hawk for character nuance and her claws out for the signs of… criminal injustice' New York Times Book Review

First British Edition Headline (2001)
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Cornwallis did not look away as he spoke, but met Pitt’s eyes unflinchingly. ‘You are relieved of command of Bow Street, and seconded to Second Branch, from today.’
Pitt was stunned. It was impossible. How could he be removed from Bow Street? He had done nothing even incompetent, far less wrong! He wanted to protest, but no words seemed adequate.
‘The command comes from the top,’ Cornwallis said very quietly. `Far above me. It is beyond my power to reverse. The men concerned all know each other. I am an outsider. I’m not one of them.’
Despite the lack of a convincing motive, evidence presented by Thomas Pitt leads to the conviction for murder, and execution, of John Adinett, a distinguished soldier and scholar. But the hanged man was a member of the Inner Circle, a secretive group of men whose power extends further than Pitt realises is possible, and their retaliation is swift and vicious. Unable to save Adinett from death, his friends use their influence to punish his accuser.
Within days, Pitt loses command of Bow Street, and his life could be in danger. To protect himself from the Inner Circle’s hatred, Pitt must leave his family and friends to work undercover in the dangerously volatile East End. Furious at the unjust treatment of her husband, Charlotte Pitt realises that the only way to bring him home safely is to discover Adinett’s motive for murder - something even Pitt was unable to do... The Whitechapel Conspiracy continues Anne Perry’s acclaimed and popular Inspector Pitt series, revealing the deepest secrets of Victorian society. Anne Perry is a hugely successful and critically acclaimed writer of Victorian crime novels, Her series featuring Inspector Thomas Pitt has been adapted for television; The Cater Street Hangman was dramatized in 1998. Her series featuring sleuth William Monk is equally popular. She bas sold over 10 million copies of her books worldwide. Before becoming a full-time writer she had a variety of jobs, including working for a limousine dispatch company in Beverley Hills; working as a ship-to-shore stewardess, as art airline stewardess and as an insurance underwriter. She lives in the Scottish Highlands.

Praise for Anne Perry
'Painstakingly researched and redolent of vanished moral certainties' Times
‘Ms Perry fashions a Victorian story with the sophisticated characterisation and psychological suspense tat are everyday tools of the contemporary writer… the result is first rate’ New York Times Book Review
‘We don’t have a Dickens today, but Anne Perry is every bit as good at telling a tale of dark secrets and social evil to mesmeric effect’ Northern Echo
'Perry's narrative is as stately and elegant as a royal barge on the Thames' Washington Post

Paperback - Headline (2002)
First British Edition Headline (2001)
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When her brother, Charles, suddenly arrives on her doorstep one cold October evening, Hester Monk is shocked - as much by the unexpectedness of the visit as by the nature of it. For since her marriage to Monk, Charles and his elegant wife, Imogen, have kept their distance. But now, driven to discover what has caused a dramatic change in his wife’s behaviour, Charles seeks Nester’s help. Imogen, who has suddenly taken to mysterious outings at unconventional times, and who is either in a state of elated excitement or restless despair, must be having an affair - Charles can think of no other explanation. But before Nester is able to renew her friendship with Imogen, a greater tragedy occurs.
Murder has taken place not far away in an artist’s studio and two women have been killed. One of them is the beautiful wife of Nester’s friend and colleague, Dr Beck - also the daughter of a prominent politician. The other is an attractive but common artists’ model. Having left the police force with extreme ill feeling between himself and his superior, the last thing Monk wants to do is face the demons of his past. But, concerned about the profile of the case and its likely effect on the reputation of their surgeon friend; Monk is left with no choice but to visit Runcorn and involve himself with the murder case.
As Nester and Monk begin their individual investigations, it seems that behind the respectable facades of the upper classes, deception and betrayal are rife. And, as the secrets of Imogen Latterly and Elissa Beck are gradually exposed, the Monks are to face their most emotionally demanding case yet...

Praise for Anne Perry
`Master storyteller Anne Perry moves closer to Dickens as she lifts the lace curtain from Victorian society to reveal its shocking secrets’ Sharyn McCrumb
`The novel has a totally contemporary feel and is admirably well-written’ Guardian
‘[A] surpassingly excellent historical and psychologically intricate mystery’ Publishers Weekly
‘Perry’s narrative is as stately and elegant as a royal barge on the Thames… with a final courtroom confrontation that’s a humdinger’ Washington Post Book World
‘A complex plot supported by superb storytelling… and William Monk, a contender for the post of Most Original Investigator in recent fiction’ Scotland on Sunday

Paperback - Headline (2001)
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Tonight they were returning their verdict, each emerging from the shadows to climb the rostrum for his moment in history. Celie watched the man who stood on the rostrum now, the candlelight shining on his face as he stared out at the packed room, exhausted after hours of argument. He said only the one word,'Death'.
It is January 1793, and the new leaders of revolutionary France have just sentenced Louis XVI to death. The public believes justice will be done, but, in Paris, a small group of people fears for the future.
Celie’s life has changed beyond recognition since the Revolution began. Reduced to working as laundress for the secretive Monsieur Bernave, she is inspired by his conviction that rescuing the king form the scaffold is the only way to save their beloved country. But just four days before the execution, Bernave is murdered. Now Celie – and the fugitive she is protecting – must risk everything to piece together his plan under the watchful eyes of the revolutionary guard, and in the shadow of Madame Guillotine.

Paperback - Headline (2001)
First British Edition Headline (2000)
Buy at Slaves and Obsession
Monk walked across, his stomach cold, his legs shaking. There were two bodies lying close to each other, a third a little distance away, perhaps nine or ten feet. They were all in strangely contorted positions, as if they had been on the ground when someone had passed a broom handle under their knees and over their arms. Their hands and ankles were tied, preventing them from moving, and they were gagged. The first two were strangers.
Monk walked over to the third, his stomach sick. It was Daniel Alberton. He, like the others, lord been shot through the head.
A quiet dinner party in London seems a long way from the ugly skirmishes across the Atlantic that will soon explode into the American Civil War. But, when William Monk and his wife, Heater, are invited to dine with Daniel Alberton’s family and agree to investigate a case of blackmail overshadowing their host’s life, they are suddenly drawn into America’s violent and bloody dispute.
Alberton, a London weapons trader, had promised to sell arms to the South but faces a moral dilemma when his daughter Merrit, in love with a Union officer and ardently opposed to slavery, insists he change sides. When he refuses, she disappears from their home. That night, Alberton is brutally murdered, his supply of weapons is stolen, and a watch belonging to Merrit’s lover is found beside his corpse. The American, Lyman Breeland, is the immediate suspect.
Alberton’s widow begs William and Hester to follow her daughter to America and persuade her to come home. But to do so they must risk the danger involved in bringing the pair back from the front line and forcing Breeland to face justice in an English court.

‘Perry’s characters are richly drawn and the plot satisfyingly serpentine. However, the best element in this novel is Perry’s depiction of the excitement preceding and the butchery during the First Battle of Bull Run, reminiscent of Thackeray’s unflinching portrait of Waterloo in Vanity Fair. A remarkable addition to the Perry canon’ Booklist

About The Author
Anne Perry's crime novels set in Victorian London have attracted ever-increasing numbers of fans and Inspector Pitt made his television debut in 1998. Robert McCrum has described the series as 'characterised by well-observed period detail, a fascination with miscarriages of justice and the high drama of the law, and intense scrutiny of family secrets'.
Anne Perry was born in London and lived abroad for some time before settling into her present home in Portahomack, Scotland.


N.B. dates and publishers in dark red indicate British First Editions. Dates and publishers in black indicate recent reprints.

  • Southampton Row (Headline, 2002) (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt)
  • The Whitechapel Conspiracy (Headline, 2001) Pbk Aug 01
  • A Funeral in Blue (Headline, 2001) Headline Pbk Jan 02 (William Monk)
  • The One Thing More (Headline, 2000) Headline Pbk Mar 01
  • Slaves and Obsession (Headline, 2000) (as Slaves of Obsession - USA) Headline Pbk Jun 01 (William Monk)
  • Half Moon Street (Headline, 2000) Headline Pbk Dec 00
  • The Twisted Root (Headline, 1999) Headline Pbk Jun 00 (William Monk)
  • Brunswick Gardens (HarperCollins, 1999) (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt)
  • Bedford Square (Headline, 1999) Headline Pbk Jan 00 (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt)
  • Ashworth Hall ( 1998)
  • The Silent Cry (Headline, 1997) Headline Pbk Mar 01 (William Monk)
  • Pentecost Alley (HarperCollins, 1997) (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt)
  • Traitor's Gate (HarperCollins, 1996) HarperCollins Pbk 1997 (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt)
  • The Hyde Park Headsman (HarperCollins, 1995) HarperCollins Pbk 1996 (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt)
  • Farrier's Lane (HarperCollins, 1995)
  • Defend and Betray (Headline, 1994) (William Monk)
  • Belgrave Square (Souvenir Press, 1993)
  • A Sudden Fearful Death (Headline, 1993) (William Monk)
  • Bluegate Fields (Souvenir Press, 1992) (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt)
  • Highgate Rise (Souvenir Press, 1992)
  • Bethlehem Road (Souvenir Press, 1991)
  • Death in the Devil's Acre (Souvenir Press, 1991) (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt)
  • The Face of a Stranger (Fawcett, 1990) (NY)
  • Cardington Crescent (Souvenir Press, 1990)
  • Silence in Hanover Close (Souvenir Press, 1989)
  • Rutland Place (St Martin's Press (NY), 1983)
  • Resurrection Row (St Martin's Press (NY), 1981) (NY) HarperCollins Pbk Mar 01 (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt)
  • Paragon Walk (St Martin's Press (NY), 1981) (NY)
  • Callander Square (Hale, 1980) HarperCollins Pbk Sep 99 (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt)
  • The Carter Street Hangman (Hale, 1979) HarperCollins Pbk 1998 (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt)
  • Whited Sepulchres (Headline) (William Monk)
  • A Silent Cry (Headline) (William Monk)
  • Weighed in the Balance (Headline) (William Monk)
  • Cain His Brother (Headline) (William Monk)
  • A Dangerous Mourning (Headline) (William Monk)
  • Sins of the Wolf (Headline) (William Monk)

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