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Ann Granger
That Way Murder LiesThat Way Murder Lies New12 Feb 04
Watching OutWatching Out
A Restless EvilA Restless Evil
Risking It AllRisking It All
Shades of MurderShades of Murder
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New First British Edition Headline (2004)
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Meredith Mitchell is delighted when an old friend from her consular days, Toby Smythe, turns up on leave between foreign postings. But Toby has a problem - or rather his relative Alison Jenner has - and Toby wants to enlist the help of Meredith’s fiance, Detective Superintendent Alan Markby. Alison has been receiving anonymous hate mail in which reference is made to a time twenty-five years earlier when Alison stood trial for the murder of her aunt, Freda Kemp, but was acquitted. Who is the writer, and how does he or she know about this secret in Alison’s past?
Markby is at first reluctant to become involved, not least because Toby is hardly his favourite person. Besides, he and Meredith are planning their wedding, and distractions aren’t welcome. But enquiries into a poison pen campaign soon turn into a murder investigation.
With the help of inspector Jessica Campbell, a new member of Markby’s team, and the non-professional but enthusiastic assistance of Meredith and Toby, the enquiry unravels a twenty-five-year-old mystery and its dreadful legacy of violence.

The critics love Ann Granger’s mystery novels:
‘Delightful ... more please!’ Margaret York
‘Characterisation, as ever with Granger, is sharp and astringent’ The Times
‘Anyone who enjoys crime stories featuring credible characters in action in a recognisably real world ... will lap up the work of Anna Granger’ Oxford Mail
‘Ann Granger has brought the traditional English village crime story up to date, in setting, sophistication, and every other aspect of fiction writing ... sheer, unadulterated bliss’ Birmingham Post
‘A good feel for understated humour… a nice ear for dialogue’ The Times

First British Edition Headline (2003)
Paperback - Headline (2003)
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Fran Varady fell into private detective work by accident rather than design. Now she’s got a `real’ job at a trendy pizzeria, she’s back on track with her acting ambitions, producing an adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles with her friends and an actual dog, and she’s even found a nice flat to rent. But things aren’t as straightforward as they seem.
The job, for a start: there’s something rather sinister about the way the pizzeria is run. And the play rehearsals aren’t going well: the cast members are at odds, the director is having a nervous breakdown, and Fran’s friend Ganesh just loathes dogs. As if all this doesn’t bring problems enough, Fran has rashly undertaken to help a young boy, illegally in the country, find an elusive people-trafficker called Max.
When the trail Fran is following is suddenly and tragically interrupted by a horrifying death, she finds herself up against dangerous men and a ruthless organisation. Fran’s in big trouble this time...

'Anyone who enjoys crime stories featuring credible characters in action in a recognisably real world… will lap up the work of Ann Granger’ Oxford Mail
'She has shifted gear to the city with no problem...a fine start' Crime Time
'Ann Granger's skill with character together with her sprightly writing make the most of the story....she is on to another winner' Birmingham Post
'Fran's a delight...the plot is neat and ingenious, the characters rounded and touchingly credible, and the writing of this darkly humorous but humane and generous novel fluent, supple and a pleasure to read' Ham and High

First British Edition Headline (2002)
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The officer on duty at Bamford police station is sceptical when he takes a call from Guy Morgan. Morgan claims to have stumbled on human bones in Stovey Woods in the heart of the Cotswolds, but surely animal bones are more likely? Morgan, though, is a doctor as well as a rambler, and he knows exactly what he’s found.
It sends a shiver down Detective Superintendent Alan Markby’s spine when he hears the news. Twenty-two years ago, as a fresh-faced young inspector, he had a rare failure, in the hunt for a brutal serial rapist preying on local women. After the third rape, the attacker went to ground, never to be heard of again.
Now, with a new investigation prompted by the grisly remains, the trail could be warm once more. But almost at once Markby is confronted with another body and a thoroughly up-to-date murder. Could the two be connected? It seems that some of the village residents would be just as happy to let sleeping dogs lie and secrets - both old and new - stay hidden...

First British Edition Headline (2001)
Paperback - Headline (2002)
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When Fran Varady is approached by Private Detective Clarence Duke, she mistrusts him on instinct. But she can’t ignore what he has to say. Her mother, Eva, who walked out on Fran when she was only seven, has hired Clarence to find her daughter. And for good reason. Eva is dying. So Fran is reunited with the mother she hasn’t seen for fifteen years, and is soon to lose again. But the biggest bombshell of all is still to come. Eva has another child – a daughter she gave up soon after her birth – and she wants Fran to find her. It’s not an easy task when her mother has sworn her to secrecy and the only clue Fran has is an out-of-date address. And matters aren’t helped by the fact that slippery Clarence Duke seems intent on discovering what she’s up to. But it’s when he’s found dead in his car outside Fran’s home that the trouble really begins…
`A good feel for understated humour, a nice ear for dialogue' The Times
`You'll soon be addicted' Woman and Home
'To be savoured' Publishers Weekly

First British Edition Headline (2000)
Shades of Murder
Since the end of the nineteenth century, the Oakley family has lived in the shadow of crime. In 1889 Cora Oakley died by inhaling a poisonous gas in her sleep, and her husband William was put on trial for her murder. Although the case was dismissed, Oakley’s reputation was ruined and he fled the country, never to be heard of again.
Over a hundred years later, the only remaining members of the Oakley family are two elderly sisters who live in poverty in Fourways, the rambling ancestral home. Unable to maintain the mansion, the sisters have decided to sell up and live comfortably off the proceeds. Then a young Polish man named Jan appears, claiming to be William Oakley’s great-grandson and brandishing what he alleges is Oakley’s will, which entitles him to half the profits from the sale of the house. The sisters panic, knowing that although his claims don’t stand up, a court case could drag on for years and time is not on their side. Then Jan is found dead, poisoned by the substance used to kill his great-grandmother. It seems that the shadow of murder has returned to haunt the Oakley family once again, and Superintendent Markby must look back at the events of a century ago to find the killer...

About The Author
In Her Own Words…
I took a Modern Languages degree at London University (Royal Holloway College), taught English for a year in France, but eventually went to work in the visa sections of British consulates and embassies in Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Austria. I married someone in the foreign service and went with him to Zambia and Germany before returning to live in England with our two children. This gave me the opportunity to settle to my writing. Although I wanted very much to be a crime writer, my first published books (under the name Ann Hulme) were historical romances which are now out of print. Doggedly clinging to my original ambitions, I finally made it into print as a crime writer with Say It With Poison, the first of the Mitchell and Markby books. Mitchell and Markby Ten books have appeared in this series and I'm just completing the eleventh which will be entitled Call The Dead Again, and should appear in 1998.


N.B. dates and publishers in dark red indicate British First Editions. Dates and publishers in black indicate recent reprints.

  • That Way Murder Lies (Headline, 2004) New Feb 04 ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • Watching Out (Headline, 2003) Headline Pbk Oct 03 (Fran Varady)
  • A Restless Evil (Headline, 2002) ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • Risking It All (Headline, 2001) Headline Pbk Mar 02 (Fran Varady)
  • Shades of Murder (Headline, 2000) Headline Pbk Feb 01 ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • Beneath the Stones (Headline, 1999) Headline Pbk Dec 99 ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • Running Scared (Headline, 1998) Headline Pbk Jun 99 (Fran Varady)
  • Call the Dead Again (Headline, 1998) Headline Pbk 1998 ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • Keeping Bad Company (Headline, 1997) Headline Pbk 1998 (Fran Varady)
  • Asking for Trouble (Headline, 1997) (Fran Varady)
  • A Touch of Mortality (Headline, 1996) ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • A Word After Dying (Headline, 1996) Headline May 97 ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • Candle for a Corpse (Headline, 1995) Headline Pbk 1996 ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • A Fine Place for Death (Headline, 1994) Headline Pbk 1994 ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • Flowers for His Funeral (Headline, 1994) ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • Where Old Bones Lie (Headline, 1993) ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • Murder Among Us (Headline, 1992) ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • Cold in the Earth (Headline, 1992) ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • A Season for Murder (Headline, 1991) Headline Pbk 1992 ( Mitchell & Markby)
  • Say it with Poison (Headline, 1991) ( Mitchell & Markby)

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